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Thread: Armament of the Caproni Ca.4

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    Default Armament of the Caproni Ca.4

    Read something that the Caproni Ca. 4 was equipped with a double machine gun in the nose...

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    Any inforamtion, how comon this equipment was?

    My plan is to integrate the Ca.4 in a mission for Prague 2020.
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    Can't answer that question Sven but saw this on The Aerodrome -
    ...Sometimes armed with up to eight machine guns,...
    Should imagine that the later versions with the more powerful engines would be the ones carrying the extra fire power - for what it's worth wikipedia quotes the Ca42 with 400hp engines as having 4 guns, pair up front, singles in the rear positions.
    That may not be the model you have but to be honest for the purposes of the game I'm sure no-one would object if you up-gunned your variant - sacrifice a bomb for the difference !

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    Field experiments were as common then as they were later-but as to how common, how widespread any particular adaptation was, well, usually impossible to know. I'd say go ahead and do the scenario in the way that makes sense to you, Sven, and if nothing else, justify it as a one-off field experiment.

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