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Thread: Are Blood Red Skies Models Under-Scale?

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    Default Are Blood Red Skies Models Under-Scale?

    I've been buying models for WOGS from third parties. I am now painting a set of Blood Red Skies A6M5 Zeros. BRS models are advertised as 1/200 scale, so should fit with official Nexus and Ares WOGS models.

    Upon measuring these BRS Zeros, I find that they're 1/210 scale. They are visibly to a smaller scale than 1/200 models, and even more so when compared with some 1/190 New-Ray diecast Corsairs that I want to pit against them. I'm not saying I won't use the Zeros, but...

    Are all '1/200' BRS models actually 1/210 scale? If so, I might not buy any more. Thanks.

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    I can't say anything about BRS models and scale as I don't have any. If you want 1/200 I'd go with AIM. (Armaments in Miniature) Web site 'HERE'

    You still have to do up bases for them or make use of other Wings bases not being used. I use the gimbal sets sold in the Aerodrome Store.
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    Not that you really care at 1/200-ish scale, but the accuracy of the BRS miniatures is lacking a bit.

    Two of the planes of which I took a quick look:
    Blood Red Skies - Post #54 (Spitfire MkIs?)

    Blood Red Skies - Post #62 (Bf-109Es?)

    However, that being said, not every miniature that Ares puts out is perfect, either.
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    Thanks for linking me to the BRS review thread, OldGuy. I'm usually happy enough with 'approximately right' in small models, but visibly undersized nags at me. Thanks for the reminder about AIM, Teaticket. I've heard good things about them. I should place an order...once I reduce my backlog by a couple of more layers. Henh.

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    ive got a few brs aircraft and theyre kind of hit and miss as theyre sourced from several manufacturers. but they have one big thing in their favor; they exist and are available.

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