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    Anybody seen the film called Bombing?

    Set during the Sino-Japanese conflict at Chunking.

    Nice, historical aircraft combat sequences if a bit CJI'd to death and the dub over is dire. But we'll worth a watch, Bruce Willis is the American commander.
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    I heard of it, but didn't see it's release date in the USA. Apparently, it went straight to video, though is now streaming.
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    I don't do streaming, so I've been looking for a copy of this movie in the dollar DVD bin at Walmart. Also known as 'Air Strike' and 'Unbroken Spirit'. Features Fan Bingbing as the beauteous spirit of Chinese resistance. I think there were complications with the release when she got busted for tax evasion and had to request political re-education through public humiliation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zippyfusenet View Post through public humiliation.

    I'm going to implement a program of that for my underlings at work!

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    Yes I watched it. Not memorable.. It did have planes in it though.

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    I have heard of it last year I think but nothing seen about it since then. Saw the trailers and looked pretty good.

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    I have watched it. I own the dvd. It is o.k. but not brilliant. Most of the film takes place on the ground but there are air combat sections, mainly computer generated. Do not look for historical accuracy in the air combat.

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    I'm glad you reminded me of this fillum, Skafloc. I ordered a cheep DVD. I'm a fan of the Sino-Japanese airwar, and I'd rather have crummy CGI than none at all.

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    M'kay. "The Bombing" arrived and I watched it tonight.

    As others have said, not a great movie, but it had airplanes in it. Don't watch this movie if you're a rivet-counter, you'll be outraged. It's a good thing I like Chinese corn, because this movie was full of that. Climactic kung-fu punch-out between the hero and the villain. Bruce Willis had fun chewing scenery, and got his daughter Rumer a bit part, so that was all good.

    One minor issue was that my DVD player wouldn't play the disc because "Playback prohibited by area limitations". Ratz. I'm not very clear on what are area restrictions and how to overcome them. I managed to play the disc on my computer, so was only inconvenienced and not completely frustrated. If you're in the US and want a copy, you should probably order the movie under the title "Airstrike". "The Bombing" seems to be the UK (or EU?) release, and not playable in Namurrica.

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    You can overcome the Region restrictions on DVD's by buying a multi-region DVD player or searching the internet to see whether there is a code you can enter into your DVD player to convert it to be multi-regional.

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    Has anyone watched the film 'Dogfight: Battle for the Skies'? I have seen some pretty terrible reviews about it.

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    Having just looked at the trailer I'm not at all surprised !

    "He is wise who watches"

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    I did watch "Dauntless: The Battle of Midway" the other night. Pretty terrible.

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    Henh, that's confusing. The recent "Midway" was a pretty good war movie (IMDB rating 6.7/31,758). Evidently "Dauntless: The Battle of Midway" (IMDB rating 3.2/466) is a completely different and pretty crappy movie. Oddly, the crappy movie was released first, so who was exploiting whom? Thanks for the heads-up, I WON'T BE FOOLED!

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    The planes in that trailer look like radio controlled models, Dave.

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    Well I didn't think they were real !

    "He is wise who watches"

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