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    Default Rockets and range question

    Hi folks.

    I played a game last night using rockets for the first time. A question was raised about damage cards:

    Since the rockets are launched and then hit at the end of the next manoeuvre, does the range have an effect on the number of damage cards drawn? And what if the attacker was at short range when launching and then at long range when the rockets hit - which range should be used?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Range has no effect on the number of damage cards drawn, that is determined by the number of counters committed to the attack (1 or 2 ) as written in the rules.

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    Thanks Flash, much appreciated.

    Our confusion came because earlier in the rules it states that two damage cards are drawn when the target is at close range, but it does not explicitly exclude rockets from this ruling. My viewpoint was that the range is only important for determining if the rockets hit, and not in determining how much damage was inflicted.

    Overall, it was a fun game and our two Dr1s acquitted themselves well against a Locust.

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    Ach so, I see what you mean Alan - the 'firing airplanes' section refers to the machine guns. Firing A (for a twin mount) or B (for a single mount) which, as it says, is the the firepower letter marked on the airplane card (usually).
    Rockets/Cannon are optional weapons and covered by separate rules, damage decks not marked on the airplane card.
    Glad you got a good game out of it though.

    "He is wise who watches"

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