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Thread: Ares WW1 model lists

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    Default Ares WW1 model lists

    I wonder if anyone knows were I can't find the complete list of all the WW1 planes made by Ares, by accident I came across a Von Richthofen Albatros D.V in my local Game shop which I didn't know had been issued, so I'm wondering what else I have missed?

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    That was a lucky find :-) I think there is a file that lists most of the models on this sites file section.. alternatively they are listed on the Ares website.

    Good luck with your quest... :-)

    Thanks... Chris

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    Click on the type & it'll show you all the versions they've made.

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    Thanks Dave

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    Drew, I'm a total Noob here and to the game... in the files section of the forum is what I've found to be the most definitive work of all things WoW/WoG. It covers everything from inception to 2017. Heck of a job by skystalker, and I see that OldGuy59 made contributions as well. Is there anything you don't do, Mike? Windows?

    Anyway, be careful with this download, it will bring enlightenment of earlier planes and may cause incessant searching and inability to control your wallet outflow! I hope the link is correct, as my forum skills are still infantile.
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    I like your choice of avatars, Jeffrey.

    When the Daring Young Men campaign is over I will go back to my Jasta 18.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stumptonian View Post
    I like your choice of avatars, Jeffrey.

    When the Daring Young Men campaign is over I will go back to my Jasta 18.
    Ah, I see why you like the choice now that I view your signature graphic. I see that OldGuy59 made that for you awhile back (yes, I have perused every file in the forum). I just joined at Gold Level last night. Needed to do my part to support the community. I want to learn how to make some custom avatars and sig lines too. Right now I'm chasing particular aircraft that I want to buy all across the internet and hoping to find some local games in Colorado Springs.

    This place is awesome! So many posts of creative projects. Every time i see one, I want to do something similar.

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    Hi Jeff.
    For your Sig pic Old Guy is our man to see.
    For adding an Avatar look here:-

    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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