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Thread: Found WW23f Pfalz D IIIa (Max Holtzem) for sale online - in Portugal

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    Default Found WW23f Pfalz D IIIa (Max Holtzem) for sale online - in Portugal

    Found this toy store in Portugal indicating they are selling the WW23f Pfalz D IIIa (Max Holtzem). This is the Series 4 Wings of War version with the cool camo on the upper wing and the crisp comet on the side, not the newer (and less pretty) WGF123B version with the light blue upper wing. Google translate indicates they have 95 UNITS IN STOCK! Store claims to specialize in overstocks and overruns. $23.14 USD. No idea what shipping is as the shipping drop down has 75 countries, but no United States of America. I sent them an inquiry email... in English. We’ll see how that goes.

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    I think this is a fake shop. Just search fot the mail adress: and you will get more infos.

    It is the same as:

    were you can buy a Albatros D III (Brumowski)

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    Never got an answer to my inquiry email to them. Probably best to avoid them. Thank you for the follow up info.

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    Maybe we should start a list of dodgy traders?
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