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Thread: Pilot Training near Galera Airfield

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    Default Pilot Training near Galera Airfield

    We hadn't flown in a while and needed to get our "air legs" once again. So, four of us met at our FLGS, to reacquaint ourselves with the WWII rules. Instead of the usual opponents (and damage rules), we decided on a training mission...

    Two Re.2001s sparred with two D.520s (in Italian regalia of course). Each plane was given 40 "tokens" of fuel using the fuel rules, had a gun camera installed, and all ammo was removed. Ground crews dry-fired the aircraft so there would not be any friendly-fire incidents between our pilots. Each time a plane had a firing opportunity, they got 1 "point" for long range, and two "points" for short range. When the fuel ran out, they switched over to their reserve tanks and glided home to Galera.

    This was a great opportunity to play with the fuel rules, learn the benefit of feathering back the engine while engaged (for tighter turns), and more importantly review the game dynamics without someone quickly getting outgunned.

    All the crews safely returned to the mess for vino, bragging and whatnot...until the gun camera film was reviewed by the training staff...

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    That's a really interesting way to test rules and concepts - well done.

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    Do we get to see the resulting scores? Just out of curiosity, which is the better plane. The Re. 2001 or the D520?

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    "It's the man, not the machine." - Yeager

    The Re.2001 has slightly better performance and damage capacity, but the D.520 has better guns.

    We did the scenario twice. For both times, a D.520 took the highest score, and the other D.520 took the lowest.

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    Great idea. I think I'll try this with people I want to introduce the fuel ruled to.

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