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Thread: How has T&T aged at your club?

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    Default How has T&T aged at your club?

    Hi all,

    Just curious as to how T&T has aged at your club?

    For my club it got off to a massive start with a lot of games being played but now has essentially gone extinct. I think it is because the gameplay got stale with the tripod players getting annoyed that they could never kill planes and the planes being annoyed with smoke launcher.

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    We play it occasionally at Entoyment still and have yet to explore all the gameplay. It was never a big game for us but an addition to the main interest of WGF; though we chuck in a game of WGS & BSG from time to time as well to ring the changes. Change is as good as a rest and all that.

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    We have been working in a game of T&T as a second game at our monthly Saturday gaming sessions at Epic Loot for the past several months. Several of us bought into the Kickstarter, and a couple of us are really excited about the game - and, understandably, a couple of us aren't...

    Like Dave's group, we have not implemented all of the rules yet, but we plan to over the next few months. We have only played it with WWI planes so far, but I do have one tripod repainted as a captured one, and I plan to add at least one or two more. So we will eventually included tripod vs tripod and planes in our mix...

    All the best,

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    We don't play it at my club - never did.

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    Our primary game is WGF, and this accounts for most of our gaming. Although we also have T&T, BSG, King Kong and WGS, they are only used now and again to add a bit of variety. Not to say that we do not enjoy playing them, just that we prefer those WGF miniatures and battles. I am not sure what the consensus would be for the most favourite other game. Probably T&T, but I will ask the others.

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    If only I had a club...

    Even though I do "Last Saturday of the Month at the Museum - Wings of Glory", I am keeping this strictly historical. Well, almost. We have done Snoopy vs the Red Baron, and a Santa game, but it was still 'Historical planes'. I'm not inclined to bring Tripods, nor space ships, to do demos at the Museum.

    Now, if there was an astronomy location nearby, I'd consider doing those games there, to attract new players.

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    At the club I usually attend we have not played with Tripods in quite a while. The members play a wide range of games and people also keep bringing new ones to try. We have not tried all the options with Tripods yet. However, when I tried WW2 aircraft versus Tripods, they preferred having a Battle of Britain scenario instead.

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    Haven't played other then at the conventions where Teaticket runs his games. Very fun time.

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