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    Hi All,

    I'm working on the layouts for some BSG Hangar Trays and would like some feedback from you guys and gals.

    For WGF and WGS, I had a place in the tray for the aircraft and its maneuver deck and stand. That is a little more challenging with BSG since the flight stand does not come apart to lay flat and the cards for each ship are done in multiple sizes.

    I can over come the flight stand issue by using a 1.5" deep tray topper, but that means the trays would be slightly more expensive and the ships could be a tad harder to get out if you have big fingers. Another option for the flight stands would be to do a separate tray like my Ground Crew tray that would hold just a bunch of stands. And of course, I don't have to incorporate the stands into any tray and let each player figure out how they want to store/carry those. Which would you guys prefer?

    For the cards, I could just put a spot that would fit the maneuver cards for each ship as well as pilot cards. Maybe a single spot for all of the larger cards from ships in that tray?

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    I think a seperate tray for stands would be the best option for people who want to mark them to to help identify which ship is which.

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    Thanks for the feedback Paul. Do you have any thoughts on the maneuver decks and cards?

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    I would like the ships and cards in the same tray. Bases, being generic, can have slot(s) in a ground crew tray, with spots for counters.
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    I would also like ships and cards in the same tray. That is part of what makes the hanger trays so nice and convenient.

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