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    Sorry for stepping out of my territorial realm, but is anything cool happening at Cancon in 2020?

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    Quote Originally Posted by clipper1801 View Post
    Sorry for stepping out of my territorial realm, but is anything cool happening at Cancon in 2020?
    Hi David,

    This is exactly what Zoe sent me this morning. I have booked to go with Windy Jack aka Doug. We are staying at the HP Pavillion on Northbourne if anyone is interested. Getting there Friday evening and leaving late Monday afternoon.


    Plans for Cancon

    1. A Full 3D terrain map from Trev should be there, with luck, along with Trev himself on Saturday.

    2. Probably a massive Bomber raid, Zeppelin Stackens vs Nightfighters Sunday Afternoon.

    3. Po River - Austria vs Italy.

    4. Late 1918, D.VII vs Snipe etc

    5. Poles vs Soviets in 1920

    6 1915, 1916 and 1917 scenarios.

    7 Caution, there may be traces of Martians

    8. Last day, may have BSG.

    I also take requests. We have 2 6x4 tables booked,enough for the bomber raid.

    Regards, Zoe

    p.s. It would be wise to bring a P2 smoke mask. I can supply some if you don't have any. It's been dire here.

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    Thanks, my son Andrew might be there as a rep from Battle Front.

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    Please note: There are NO plans to cancel or move Cancon 2020 at this time.

    EPIC is a very safe venue, and is outside any "Worse case scenario" fire zones.

    We have booked industrial air cleaners for each hall, which will assist in cleaning any smoke in the air.

    Each hall and venue will have water filling points (For filling water bottles etc.), so we can all stay hydrated. Bring your water bottle to save money on drinks.

    We are working with EPIC about any other steps we can take to make sure the event is a safe and enjoyable as possible.

    If you have any practicable suggestions on other things we could do, let us know.

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    Looks gorgeous, Zoe! Trevor does such lovely work...

    Your list of events sounds like a wonderful mix of times and planes - I hope you have a great turn-out and lots of fun.

    All the best,

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    Fantastic terrain!

    Here's to a well-attended and fun-packed event!

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    Quote Originally Posted by clipper1801 View Post
    Sorry for stepping out of my territorial realm, but is anything cool happening at Cancon in 2020?
    You really had me going for a moment there David as 'CANON' is/was a War Games show fairly local to me in Lincolnshire; Retford to be exact which I thought was no longer being Put on..
    Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Winston S. Churchill

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    Trev does great work on his mats.
    Saw the progress on Facebook.

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    Well done Zoe, and well done to Trev for his superb terrain.
    I hope you will all have a splendid stress free weekend after all this upheaval and worry over the last weeks. You deserve to have a good time, and let your hair down. the only stress you should feel on the weekend is from the enemy aircraft on your six.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Best of Luck for a very successful Con Zoe!
    Again circumstances stop me attending as my house is now under threat from South & West.
    Waterbombing continued throughout yesterday & crews worked all night on containment.
    Keeping all digits crossed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gully_raker View Post
    Keeping all digits crossed.
    As are we all, Baz

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    Thinking of you, Bazza. Maybe see you at Wintercon?

    Can't guarantee things won't be similar fire-wise at next Cancon, alas. This may be a permanent issue.

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    Thanks Zoe for putting this on. As always I came away benefitting from the experience. It was good to catch up with you all and to participate in the games.

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