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    My dad gave me $50 for my birthday last week, so I decided I'd pick up a copy of BSG at Pax Unplugged. My eldest son was impressed by the look of the ships (he's never really seen the show), so we added a few more to the stack at Pax, and then when we got home we turned right around and went to the FLGS to buy a few more. Then... after catching up on Friday's episode of Mando, we broke open the box and gave the basic game a try.

    I'm the Viper. He's the Cylon. My plan is to fly out and then cut back hard and hit him.


    He tracks me, and we end up hitting each other for 4.


    On the next turn I back a bit, out of his arc, and I manage to hit him again, but for 0. Then we close to spitting distance.


    And... I get completely hosed by two 6s! Dang!


    Fun game. I'm looking forward to some revenge. And I guess I'm going to have to organize a big game for my regular Saturday night gaming group sometime over the Xmas break.

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    Wow if this were a Star Wars game I would say that the Force was definitely not with you! Two 6's and a 4 in that last exchange.

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    Yeah, that was reminiscent of those times in Wings when I've drawn two pilot wounded cards at the same time. And here I thought Ares might no longer be angry with me and it was safe to come back into the fray.

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    Nice action, going to try and intro this in the New Year at our new fledgling club.
    See you on the Dark Side......

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    Still haven't gotten a chance to try this. I think there may be an available table at Gritty Goblin on 2nd or 4th Thursdays...

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    Whoever hasn't yet played this game, you are really missing out. It's a blast. It might take a few plays to get comfortable but stick with it, it's more than worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pseudotheist View Post
    Still haven't gotten a chance to try this. I think there may be an available table at Gritty Goblin on 2nd or 4th Thursdays...
    Hmmm... that's tempting...

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    I feel sure that you made your son happy. Going head to head with a Cylon is not usually a good idea. Try to use your superior manoeuvrability and rotation to get behind them.


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