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Thread: How many Tripods?

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    Default How many Tripods?

    I'm curious how many Tripods do you typically use during a game and how many do you have in your collections? I'm also wondering what the "collectability" of the different tripods are.

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    Typically two as we've found that we need two to three opponents per Tripod and we currently have 4-6 players available at a meet, though we may get more from time to time.
    Not sure it's collectable, though I suppose everything is. I have five from the KS - I'll only buy another if there's a new release.

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    I agree with Dave. 2 in a usual game, more for larger con games. I had 4 Tripods on the table at Fall In with 12 players. I have 6 total from the Kickstart and might add one or two if there are new additions in the future.

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    When I started play-testing T&T, I envisioned games with eight+ players at a convention demonstration.

    Being that I was making tripods out of paper and plastic, I made up a set of four Mk Is, two Mk IIs, and one each of the Mk III and Mk IV. This would allow me lots of options at any future event. I was wildly optimistic.

    I had planned to scale games from three (two Humans and one Martian) up to 12 (eight Humans and four Martians). IIRC, the biggest I actually ran was at BottosCon with six humans vs three Martians (I did post an AAR, but a site glitch in November 2017 wiped out a bunch of posts, including all my BottosCon 2017 AARs, and I never reposted them).

    When the Kickstarter came out, I went over the edge, and replicated my (wildly optimistic) play-test set with my pledge. So, I ended up with more Tripods than I will likely ever put on the table anywhere in British Columbia.

    Perhaps one of these days, I can get all the Tripods on a table at an event, but, with only six or seven WoG players in my local area, I don't see it happening in the near future.
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    We did a game of 4 'pods against 8 planes at Origins last year with 12 players. Conceivably you could have players run more than one tripod (I have found it pretty easy to do two, and depending on how similar the 'pods plan, I think I could handle three...) Our normal club games have been 2 tripods on 5 to 8 planes, depending on how many show up for a game.

    As things stand right now, Keith, I don't think there is much 'collectibilty' with the tripods at all - there are only four versions, and each version has only one paint scheme. Since I am repainting several for captured 'pods, I will have those extras. And I want more than one of each for games - probably three of each eventually, perhaps more... It sort of depends on the scenarios one plans on running. And extras to take to conventions is a good plan, although I am sure I could always borrow some if needed. Our gaming group has several folks who bought into the Kickstarter, so there are plenty of tripods in the group to handle whatever we want to play, although up to this point I am the one usually bringing the T&T stuff when we get together.

    I think I have 10 tripods in my collection at this point, with Scarabs and Locusts in the majority...

    Do you have any scuttlebutt about future releases for T&T?

    All the best,

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    I got two of each from the Kickstarter.
    Doubt I will need more than that, but i never expected to have over 550 planes either...

    Everything I have fits in the two boxes, including several extra markers and decks.
    One more Locust would mess that up.
    Unless I just get another starter set ...

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    I haven't yet tried Tripod vs Tripod. An overabundance of Tripods leans to a nice Martian civil war or Martians vs captured Tripods. Maybe the six Tripods I have are not enough!

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    I currently have 2 Locusts (from 2 starter sets), a Scarab, and a Cuttlefish. The latter is newly purchased so I haven't had a chance to bring it to the table, and I intend to pick up a Squid the next time I place an order.

    For those of you with all the tripods, which are your favorites to pilot?

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    Just have the KS with 5 Pods total. Never used more then one in a game so far.

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    Thanks for all the feedback everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by matt56 View Post

    Do you have any scuttlebutt about future releases for T&T?
    I've got nothing when it comes to future intel on the tripods The main reason behind this thread was research for possible Hangar Tray for the pods.

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    I think that I have nine or ten tripods but have not yet used more than two in any game. I have not tried Tripod versus Tripod yet.

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    Sam here. Even though I have 7 tripods and Baxter has another 4 or so, the maximum we have used in any scenario is 2.

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    Played the Martians in Peters game at Fall In and it was fun. It was the WWII version and seemed most ganged up on 1 Tripod. I have 2 of each except the Cuttlefish with just 1 of them.

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    I own two Tripods (a Mk I Locust and a Mk. III Squid) but have only used the Locust so far, since I'm still practicing getting the hang of Tripod rules.

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    I have all of the tripods but I wouldn't recommend the squid. The little thing is really bad and tough to use with the low health and energy reserves. would take a plane over it any day.

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