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    Default Help a Noob Print Custom Cards

    I'm new to WoG and to this forum. It seems friendly here, hi y'all. This is my first post. My desk-top publishing skills are limited.

    I've found several custom maneuver card decks in the Files section, but I'm having trouble printing them to the correct size. Please help. Is there an FAQ or primer for this skill set? Or just tell me how you do it.

    I've started with something simple, the DeckZL.pdf file for the custom ZL maneuver deck. I had hoped this file would naturally print the correct size from Adobe Acrobat Reader, but the card images print 63 mm long X 41 mm wide, whereas the cards from the game measure 68 mm X 44 mm. That's enough of a difference to be a problem.

    Is there a simple adjustment I can make to get the card images to print a little bigger? I suppose I could fumble-fiddle around trying to get the right size by trial and error, but I'd rather not.


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    If you can print multiplying by 1.08 that might be close enough.

    If you want them accurate you can crop each card and save them individually. Then drop them onto a word page where you can set the height and width.

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    Thank you! I did not know that I could print a custom size from Acrobat Reader. Curiously, when I switched from Fit to Custom Size 100%, the file printed exactly the right size. Whoda thunk it?

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    I usually put card images into an MS Word document to print them. Sad, but true. I can set the image size for each image to the desired mm size that way. I can print 9 double-sided cards on a page, as well.
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    Welcome to the Aerodrome, Irv, from here across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom. I am glad that you were able to sort out your printing problem. If you have more questions about the game you will find that the members here are very friendly and helpful.
    If you go o the Report for Duty section and post a message introducing yourself, you will find that many people will respond and welcome you here.

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    I put mine in open office (.odt) files, resizing as needed.
    Same technique I use when printing decals on decal paper.

    ZL is for biplanes that go somewhat slower than the 250mph of the Fiat42 and Gladiator. Fiat32 for example.

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    Right then, Naharat, Report for Duty is sorted.

    OldGuy, thanx for the tip. Your custom turn and slip cards for the C deck are my next technical challenge, so I appreciate the guidance.

    Zoe, we've met on Facebook (Irving Horowitz). I've admired your work there, and what I've found here in Files. It seems we're both interested in Golden Age aviation.

    It looks like Ima need a major software upgrade to take full advantage of the fan-craft here on Aerodrome. I understand that I need Photoshop to access many of the custom airplane cards, and now you suggest Open Office. But my first requirement will be to upgrade from my creaky old Windows 7 tower system to something Windows 10, before I invest in any new applications. I knew I was gonna hafta, and I can, it's just...troublesome, and I'm lazy, and distracted by so many other upgrading from my creaky old Gen 3 smart-phone, that my provider is gonna boot off their network in a few more weeks for being so obsolete.

    Henh. The funny thing is that I was a professional software engineer for 35 years, but I never really loved technology or gadgets. I approached programming as a language art and as game design. When I came home at night I never played computer games, I tried them and disliked them. I went to the other end of the spectrum for recreation, crafting material models, and playing wargames to socially interact with my fellow geeks, revelling in our fleshy humanity and our geekiness.

    Ahem. Thanks for helping out. Nice to meetcha.

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    Welcome, Irv, from Portland, Oregon.
    As you have discovered there is a lot of good stuff and great people on this site.
    I will be joining you with a new PC and Windows 10 in January when good ol' Microsoft cuts support for Windows 7.

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    Hunh. I did not know that Microsoft is dropping support for Windows 7 so soon. I will have to get moving. My wife will also want a new laptop. Thanks for the heads-up, Stumptonian. Oy-vey.

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    i will be facing the same issue.
    SWMBO will need one as well ...

    But mine will be better ...

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