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Thread: Using Tripods & Triplanes Damage Counters in Wings of Glory W.W.2

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    Default Using Tripods & Triplanes Damage Counters in Wings of Glory W.W.2

    I have looked at the Damage Counters for Tripods & Triplanes and WGS and realized that it is possible to use the Damage Counters from the Tripods & Triplanes in WGS provided that the chits showing special damage are converted. I have prepared a conversion chart.

    A Comparison Table to Allow the Use of Tripods.docx

    To convert back the other way is more difficult. It would be necessary to mark, in each set of chits (A,B,C & D), one wounded crew chit, one left rudder jam and one right rudder jam in some special way, so as to distinguish which Tripod special damage was to be chosen. You would need to write a letter or symbol on a chit using a fine tipped felt pen. Also something would have to be done about the 'lightning flashes' for 'power crystal losses' when firing at shielded sides of a Tripod. If you do not want to draw lightning flashes on chits, you have to apply the following and assign 'power crystal losses' according to the damage on the chit:

    0,1 or 2 damage - 0 'power crystal losses';
    3, 4, 5 or 6 damage - 1 'power crystal loss';
    3,4 5 or 6 with special damage - 2 'power crystal losses';
    7, 8 or 10 damage - 2 'power crystal losses'; [No chit does 9 damage.]
    7,8 or 10 with special damage - 3 'power crystal losses';
    12 damage - 3 'power crystal losses'; [No chit does 11 damage.]
    12 with special damage - 4 'power crystal losses';
    15 or 18 damage - 4 'power crystal losses'; [No chit does 13, 14, 16 or 17 damage.]
    [No chit has 15 or 18 with special damage.]
    Explosion - Lose half of the Tripod's Initial Energy Rating in power crystal losses (odd halves round up).
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    Or just print your own set

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