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    Once again we have been invited to put forward a submission for a participation/demo game at what is traditionally our first big show of the year.

    They have stated that they are looking for 6x4 games, with only a couple of larger games. However, we have a fairly good rep with the show and we can generally squeeze a bit more space out of them, providing I leave the Air Raid Siren at home...

    Does anyone have any burning ideas that they want to showcase this time?

    Do we want to do WGF, WGS or push for both?

    Who is able/likely/possible to attend?

    I’ll pull together the submission for the end of the month.
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    Hi Simon, Chris, Tim and I fancy putting on Battlestar Galactica games. 6x4 table would suffice with perhaps an add on table for laying out stuff, say 8x4?

    See you on the Dark Side......

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    Love this show, count me in. BSG would be fun

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    Hi Simon
    I will definitely be there and am not fussed whether SGF or SGS but do NOT want to do BSG.
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