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Thread: K deck for use with Avenger TBF

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    Default K deck for use with Avenger TBF

    Looking for a K deck to use with Avenger minis. Limited experience so any hints where to look for purchase or self printed deck greatly appreciated. Would really like to get these into a local Midway scenario coming up in December. Thanks for any assistance!

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    Hi Mike,

    See Ebay link below. I think Wings of War Fire from the Sky would fix you up. I do not know about the K deck but the Avenger also uses the I deck and you can get those cards and more in the Fire from the Sky box set. You can also download a set of four Avenger plane cards from our files section right here. I use those cards myself when playing with my 3rd party minis.

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    Mike, PM me your email address and I can send you a K deck scan.

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    Thank you for your help. I have an I deck from my WoG SBD so could use that if I go that direction. Your comment about the packs made me think to look into other expansion packs and WoW packs to see where the K deck might be hiding. Will continue the search. Thanks again, mtw

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    Thank you, I have sent you my email address. Look forward to receiving your message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baxter View Post
    I do not know about the K deck but the Avenger also uses the I deck
    The I deck would make a bit slow(er) than it should, but would do; just take out the divebombing cards.
    My personal peeve with the I deck is the lack of 30 degree turns, which I think is a bad economy decision (the DB cards replace them?) that should have been corrected with the SBD release.
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