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Thread: Scaling up T&T missions

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    Default Scaling up T&T missions

    Hi everybody,

    At my club we like to play large T&T games with 5/6 players as the group games are the most fun.

    In the rulebook there are only two missions that cater for 3+ players.

    My question to you all is on if you have successfully managed to up the number or tripods/planes/objectives on the other missions to scale them correctly?

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    We have been playing exclusively WW1 planes versus Tripods so far and have found that 2/3 planes per tripod with a minimum of 2 objectives per tripod has worked for us. The Martians are consistently winning at present but the games are close enough that a good card draw here or there could tip the balance.

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    I would agree with what Andy said. In WW1 games I have experimented with giving aircraft more firepower by using rockets, Kazakov's anchor and chain weapon and a 37mm cannon but I have not tried bombs yet. Using two-seaters provides more opportunities for shooting at Tripods. I have not tried using obstacles yet either.

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    It depends on the pilots of the planes, and the damage draws. If you have a group of pilots that concentrate firepower on one tripod at a time, and the pilots know how to maneuver their planes, it gets bad for the tripods.

    With the play-test rules, where energy loss on shield hits was limited to one cube per hit, it was close, but a loss for the tripods (three tripods, eight planes). With the official Starter Set damage decks, and the possibility of loosing multiple cubes per shield hit, energy loss would have crippled the tripods in the games I hosted at BottosCon.

    That being said, the BottosCon pilots got all their big hits through unshielded sides, as it was. I would have run out of offensive options much quicker, and died uglier, with the current decks.

    So, I put it back to skill in maneuver, and luck of the damage draws. Play a few games to see how it works, and swap sides as you go.
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    So the game has died off at the club but before it did we did do quite a few large games with multiple planes and tripods.

    What I found is that when there are a lot of planes then the tripods really suffer due to multiple shots per turn on their shields leading to situations where from the mid-game they have no energy and always take the recharge option.

    In addition to this the tripods very rarely used the heat-ray due to its precise nature only being able to target one plane and not being very effective. The most common weapon was by far the smoke, mostly due to its ability to hit extremely easily and hit multiple planes.

    Interesting idea about ignoring multiple energy loss per shot, but the problem was the sheer number of shots.

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    A shame that it has died off, William! We have been playing it pretty regularly with our group, slowly adding in game aspects as we go.

    We usually have between 5 and 10 players, so when we do Tripods, it's usually one or two folks playing tirpods (the most we have had on the field at one time is three tripods) and the others taking to the air. This past Saturday we had two of us on the tripods and five guys flying 6 planes (Fokker Triplanes). All of the pilots are experienced, and so the issues you and Mike outline above apply - the tripods struggled to meet much success. Energy is such a key component of play. As I suggested elsewhere, I am thinking of upping the energy values a bit to see how that affects play.

    I hope you all continue to play T&T from time to time...

    All the best,

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