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Thread: Automated Tripod Templates

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    Default Automated Tripod Templates

    Has anyone else tried printing out the Automated Tripods Templates downloaded from the Ares website?

    I have found that even using 'best quality' printing, the thin yellow 'cutting lines' are barely visible on my printouts. It is very slightly better, if the card has a matt rather than a gloss finish.

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    I got mine with the Kickstarter but haven’t tried them yet.

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    I have some from the Kickstarter but, like you, I have not used them yet. However, I thought that I would use the download to keep the Kickstarter ones in good condition.

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    Funny that you mentioned this. I just printed the Invasion rules and have saw this mentioned so I just downloaded them. Printer acting up so may try the UPS store to print them up.

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    I attempted to use Ares' PDF to adapt the attached image, but it is password protected.

    I did screen captures and pasted this together:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Tripods_AI_Templates.jpg 
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    The Small template is supposed to measure 68mm, and the Long is supposed to measure 220mm when printed. I don't know how this will turn out, but I added black squares over the white cut lines on the PDF.

    Hope this works?

    I could PDF a 300dpi image and PM it to those that want better quality, but putting this in the Files section might annoy Ares.
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    Thanks Mike.
    Must read up on my Tripod solo rules now.
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    I have received a message from Roberto Di Meglio at Ares to inform me that they have now added a second version to the Automated Tripod Templates download. This version has the templates outlined in black, as in Mike's versions, but they have rounded off the corners. The black lines are visible when printed out.

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    Anyone interested in laser cut acrylic versions of these?

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