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Thread: Tripod recovery tokens

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    Default Tripod recovery tokens

    Tripods need to use recovery tokens after they fire their Heat-Ray or their Black Smoke - one maneuver phase for H-R and two for to help remind me what's going on, I decided to paint the center of three tokens for each tripod. I will eventually stash them in the ziploc bags I am using for each tripod's movement cards, action cards, and tripod cards. Both sides of the chits are painted - red for the single Heat-Ray token and black for the two Black Smoke tokens

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am finding the record-keeping when we play is getting easier, but I need to make things even smoother for myself as we play...the tripods are lots of fun and I don't want to forget things or misuse them... I am looking forward to digging out more recovery tokens to complete the sets for my tripods.

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    That’s clever! Anything that reduces cognitive load is good... I might do the same thing with my set after a couple more rounds getting used to the gane.

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    Nice touch Matt.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Great idea Matt. This definitely will help with the tripod learning curve.

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    See the masterful ideas folks come up with in here.

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