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    I came up with a thought on the yellow and red cubes that come with the game. I know that the red=10 energy and the yellow=1. Here is my idea.
    The Scarab has 10 energy points. To give you a quick glance, rather then count the cubes, give it:
    5 green Good energy level
    3 yellow Energy getting low
    2 red You need to think about recharging

    Teaticket used green cubes in a game he ran last month. He also sent me a link to a store that sells them as individual cubes rather then buying in bulk.

    Pointed out by Matt that the red are 5 energy not 10.
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    I believe red are counted as 5 in the rules, Bob... I have accumulated three or four sets of cubes, so for most of our games I pass out yellow cubes for all - 8 for a Locust, 10 for a Scarab, etc. That way, there is no difficulty swapping out yellows for reds of vice versa. For a larger game using more tripods, I will likely resort to a mix of red and yellow...

    While I like your 'stoplight' concept, I almost think there is enough 'record-keeping' with the tripods already...

    All the best,

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    Since maximum energy points are doubled when playing with W.W.2 aircraft, I was thinking about buying some blue cubes to count as 10 energy units but I do have several sets of the red and yellow cubes, so a shortage of cubes is not a problem at the moment.

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    David I didn't know that max energy was doubled with the WWII aircraft. I have a set of the WWII counters and didn't see anything about that.

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    My bad Matt. The red ones are just 5 energy points.

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    I have been looking and don't see anything that mentions doubling the max energy for the Martians. Is this a house rule or am I missing that somewhere ?

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    I have made a mistake. On page 11 of the Invasion booklet, in the 'Tripods in WW2' section, it says to double the resistance and recharge level values of the Tripods not the maximum energy. I apologize for the mistake.

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    Not a worry, Bob! I find every game of Tripods that I play I am forgetting something I thought I remembered about the rules...

    All the best,

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    OK Now I have to ask what is the Invasion booklet and where did you get it ?

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    OK Found it on the ARES site. So now I can see any changes. Thanks for talking about it.

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    Mine was in the package containing the posters and other 'stuff' in my big yellow box...hope that's where yours is, too!

    All the best,

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    Downloaded it from the ARES site. Have to read up on those new rules. A bit more complicated then the normal ones.

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    Had the Invasion rules printed up today and looked at them. Very interesting. I see the WWII rules and that TEATICKET is running a T&T WWII game at Fall In so I should be up to date on how things work.

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