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Thread: And not forgetting the Spits.

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    Default And not forgetting the Spits.

    Nice intro where mother says she built planes in the war.

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    My Step mother employed a friend who used to work in her florist shop and clean for her. One day I was watching TV with my brother and there happened to be a programme on about Spitfires whilst Phyillis was in the room. She casually remarked "Oh, I used to build them..." Apparently she was building wings at Southampton when the war started. You could have knocked us down with a feather !

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    Makes you wonder about just how many people were out there with back stories we never heard about Dave. My interest in Malta was started by a casual remark by my Workshop technician one day, when he mentioned that he had been an AA gunner out there during the siege. We had no idea what he had done until this opened up several; stories about his wartime experiences.

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    The unsung heroes who "done their bit" but rarely ever mention it bear the knowledge with a quiet pride. It could not have been done without them.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Thank you for posting the link, Paul it was definitely worth watching but in my opinion precious little of it was gun camera footage from the Battle of Britain.

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