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Thread: Incoming WGS Solo App !

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    Default Incoming WGS Solo App !


    Ok this time the Wings of Glory WW2 AI app is officially LIVE

    Please don't hesitate to give a good rating if you like it, it helps


    Hi there!

    Sorry, crosspost from Facebook (and this is my first post in the Aerodrome), but I thought it might be of interest to WGS fans. I'm excited to present you this little project in any case

    Since there was no solo application for WW2 (that I know of) I decided to create one.
    I have discovered Wings of Glory WW2 very recently and literally fell in love with this game, trying to complete my collection as much as I possibly can.

    The french community (Le Cirque Volant) has been very supportive of the project and provided me with a lot of helpful information and resources such as excel sheets and card assets. Thanks specifically to Monse for the complete sheets that helped me to implement all the AI and deck management rules, and Sir_erickson for the cards.

    Please note that I have really a lot of respect for all the existing rulesets that already allow you to play with automas, but I wanted to create something different.

    Basically an application to make my life easier, an application that would (somewhat) try to replace a real player within a team, whether it's a team of AIs or mixed with humans.

    I followed these specifications:

    *** Offering a simple but complete design that allows you to input the context easily and quickly for the programmation phase:
    1) Approximative bot orientation in relation to its target or closest enemy
    2) Approximative target orientation in relation to the bot
    3) A checkbox that gives a hint (heuristic) about the range to improve the decision-making process

    *** Taking into account absolutely all existing planes/decks and their specificities.

    *** The application also has to play two cards exactly like humans, and try to "double-guess" what kind of move the real players or the other "bots" will do, by following the official (standard) rules.

    *** Handling all kind of specific damage and ace skills (not implemented yet but this comes next in my todo list).

    *** Using a technology which is portable (in order to be able to produce builds for Android, IOS and even the Web).

    *** Using a technology which doesn't cause too much strain on mobile devices in order to preserve battery life during long gaming sessions.

    As of today all planes / all decks are supported and are usable with the AI system for Phase 1 (planning) and Phase 2 (movement); so basically it can already be used ingame. I'm doing a lot of quality control at the moment by playing with different setups (solo/coop/pvp) with different variety of planes.

    Automatic damage handling and special damage will certainly be the next thing I will be adding. I might also improve the interface further to support advanced rules and all extra rules one day (will take some time though )

    I attached a few screenshots to illustrate the progress so far!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_1568662193.jpg 
Views:	324 
Size:	153.2 KB 
ID:	274889
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_1568662202.jpg 
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Size:	126.5 KB 
ID:	274890
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_1568662241.jpg 
Views:	317 
Size:	96.2 KB 
ID:	274891
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_1568662252.jpg 
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Size:	122.3 KB 
ID:	274892
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_1568663776.jpg 
Views:	330 
Size:	87.6 KB 
ID:	274893
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_1568562229.jpg 
Views:	323 
Size:	101.2 KB 
ID:	274894

    I hope you will like it

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    Looks Awesome!
    "Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss" Douglas Adams
    "Wings of Glory won't skin your elbows and knees while practicing." OldGuy59

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    I will be following this with great interest.
    Thanks for taking this project on and sharing with us.

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    Amazing man! Thank you

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    Looks Great!

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    Definitely getting this one! Will this be placed in our files section here or available from the play store?

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    Thank you for the positive reception everyone, this is very encouraging Can confirm that it will be available from the usual play/app stores (will check when it's the right time to push it), and for Android I can also upload .apk files here.

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    Mooie. Prima. Brilliant. Gutt. Wonnerbar. Schéin.

    Sorry, I know some Vlaams and Wallonaise, Twents, Platt and Ostfriesisch, but no Luxembourgish. Like Plattdeutsch spoken with a strong Ardennaise accent?

    Anyway, Häerzlech wëllkomm.

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    top job, looking forward with great interest

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    I am looking forward to the finished product! Keep up the good work.

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    This looks promising!!
    Will you include altitude rules? I suppose these are included when you refer to advanced rules?

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    Thanks again for your enthusiasm everyone, this is really motivating This game is big in my heart and I want to help spreading it as much as possible. There is something that all WoG fans can and should do; let's all vote for it for the "best history game" (even for non-french speakers), and let's spread the word to keep growing this wonderful community. All details there:

    And yes I will include altitude rules when I will be implementing the advanced rules later on (not for the first version). When both set of rules will be implemented you will be able to chose between "standard" or "advanced" rules, and also pick the optional rules you want to play with.

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    Will this app be usable for PCs too, or just mobile platforms?
    It is impossible for a man to begin to learn what he thinks he knows. -- Epictetus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jager View Post
    Will this app be usable for PCs too, or just mobile platforms?
    I'm using a technology that enables me to produce builds for mobile (Android and IOS) as well as web. It seems that it's also possible to produce native builds for PC, although it's experimental right now. I will give it a try.
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    First build (V1.0.0) should be available on the Android Playstore very soon, as it's the first fully tested platform for mobiles and tablets. So it's just a matter of days now as Google needs to verify the application. It might take 7 days or more according to them, but it's uploaded and ready to be published. I'll take care of the ios release a bit later (and maybe a PC release too). I tested the AI a couple times in different scenarios and it's giving me a hard time; so I'm pretty happy with the results so far

    Will keep you posted;


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    If we should have to fight, we should be prepared to do so from the neck up instead of from the neck down. -Jimmy Doolittle

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    Hi there,

    I have an open question for everyone interested in this application.

    While Google is approving the very first release I'm currently working on this feature : Handling of special damage tokens.

    So basically I'm developing the third phase in the application.

    Currently my preferred options are:
    1) Draw tokens physically when firing on the AI, and then ONLY when special damages are dealt, tell the AI that it has received such damage by selecting it from the UI. (e.g. tell the AI that it has received some smoke damage, or that the pilot is hit).
    2) Represent 4 damage bags on the screen, and tap on them in order to let the application draw one token from the selected bag.

    However I'm not really sure what is more fun. YOU, as a player, do you prefer to fire on the AI by drawing physical tokens and then tell the AI what happened by selecting those special damage tokens, or are you more in favour of tapping on one or more virtual bags on your mobile screen and let the AI handle the rest?

    I like 1 because I really like to manipulate my boardgame components as much as possible, and it helps respecting the random distribution proposed by the game.

    However 2 has this big advantage: special damage that needs to be hidden from the players such as jammed rudders CAN be hidden from the players, (as well as structural damage), until the application tells the player that the plane is down (making it closer to a "real player" experience). Another advantage: it reduces physical token management for the players.

    What's your take on this ?

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    I like both - could that be an option?

    I think that while we are using this in the beginning I would like to see that the ap is functioning as it should by showing us the results.
    Afterward I would like the hidden aspect so as not to give the player an advantage.
    Conversely, we would not advise the ap of any hidden damage to the player's own piece(s).

    Looking forward to the ios or PC version.

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    Hidden damage would be more 'realistic' in game mechanics terms. So, I would opt for that version.

    Now, something that may be for a future version, is a Tripods version? I was thinking of trying out the WWII version of the game, playing the Martian side, using a solo/AI process. An app like this would be terrific. However, the tripods don't move like planes, and the movement choices against planes should be different enough that the are likely not compatible. Although, to date I haven't ever played a scenario with WWII planes, so I could be totally off base.
    "Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss" Douglas Adams
    "Wings of Glory won't skin your elbows and knees while practicing." OldGuy59

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    Special damage is now implemented and should be live with the very first version ^^ Which means that standard rules are entirely implemented (next thing I'll be working on: advanced rules).

    Regarding the damage tokens, I have not received so much feedback overall, but the majority prefers to apply tokens themselves (which is also a good way to test the app). I might definitely be adding an optionnal "hidden damage" mode later on though.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_1569258936.jpg 
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Size:	152.8 KB 
ID:	275335

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    Will the app cost any money?

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    Nope, free as in "free beer".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khelz View Post
    Nope, free as in "free beer".
    In that case, set me up with an app and a beer chaser.

    If we should have to fight, we should be prepared to do so from the neck up instead of from the neck down. -Jimmy Doolittle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khelz View Post
    Nope, free as in "free beer".
    I've heard that the Belgiums are famous for their beer... well... fyi... your location is Luxembourg... nevermind
    Damn, I'm excited!!

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    Haha well it's confusing because the displayed location is the "state/province" and in Belgium we have a province called "Luxembourg", next to the country which shares the same name

    Regarding IOS it will come later, once I will receive the (hopefully good) feedbacks about the android version. Technologically it's easy because I can just export for IOS, but I will need to register a developer account with Apple and application acceptance on IOS typically takes longer. But it's cleary in my todo list and I will keep you updated.

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    I am looking forward to playing the app! Is there a web version available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyBoy Nate View Post
    I am looking forward to playing the app! Is there a web version available?
    He said early on that he focuses on a version for Android right now, there may be an IOS and PC version up his sleeves in the future

    Btw... what will be the name of the App?

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    Yes sorry guys, Android version comes first so I can focus on that platform for the early bugfixing etc. if I had to release on all platforms at the same time I think I will become crazy with all the potential bug reports and stuff But don't worry I definitely plan to publish to other platforms shortly after.

    Android release is quite imminent now and it will look like this on the store page:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	comingsoon.jpg 
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Size:	171.7 KB 
ID:	275542

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    Thanks for the imformation!

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    looking forward to the release

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    Live on Playstore, soon

    EDIT: NEED TO WAIT A BIT as Google needs to validate (again) for the push to production. :s
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyBoy Nate View Post

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    Looks great. It only took me a few minutes to get how to use it. This will surely reinvigorate solo experiences. Well done.

    If we should have to fight, we should be prepared to do so from the neck up instead of from the neck down. -Jimmy Doolittle

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    Hey, that looks pretty good! I'm want to test it asap

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    Excellent work. Now for BSG?

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    Trying to convince my dad to get it on his phone, because I don't have a phone.

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    Hoping the Android users give feedback promptly so the iOS version can be developed.
    This will definitely get WGS to my table.

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    Khelz, thanks again for developing this app.

    I tried a quick 2v2 dogfight last night with the app controlling 2 zeros and me flying 2 Wildcats. Final score was 1 Wildcat and both Zeros shot down. My observations so far:

    The app controlled planes seemed, for the most part, to make logical manoeuvre choices without being too predictable. The endgame 1 v 1 fight did become a bit of an immelman contest, though that is quite normal for human players too. When I deliberately flew to initiate a turning fight the App obliged but made reasonably sensible choices, breaking away rather than turning forever. I did wonder if the AI behaviour with range could be fine tuned further as once or twice the opportunity to turn in in an advantageous position was missed, though this could just be a result of pre-planning.

    The user interface was intuitive and setting the aircraft orientation was simple. I found it easiest to rotate my phone to reflect the relative position of the aircraft to ensure I set their directions correctly (this is a reflection on my spatial awareness, rather than the app). Managing 2 aircraft of the same type was easier than expected, though I could see the potential to confuse them. Perhaps a larger numeric for the aircraft number, or a difference in colour could be implemented if this if found to be an issue.

    Special damages appeared to be correctly implemented, one of the Zeros got a rudder jam and did not turn in as a result when it would have been advantageous had it not had the jam. I would prefer the app to do damage tracking in the blind using a virtual token draw (I always use a separate token set for each side anyway for fairness).

    Overall this is a great little tool and I look forward to future developments.

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    Thanks for your feedback. I'm already working on the next iteration (V.1.1.0) that will include advanced rules as well.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_1569775988.jpg 
Views:	207 
Size:	131.6 KB 
ID:	275718

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    Looks very nice!

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    Great! I'll install it ASAP!

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    Advanced rules for my Wings of Glory ww2 are now live on the Playstore:

    Please don't forget to rate it (ideally 5 stars ) if you like it, I'm spending a lot of time on this, I do it for free, and your ratings and your feedback are my only "reward".

    * Advanced rules are now fully supported.
    * Added a menu.
    * Known issue: If you access too many other apps after it's started, the memory might be reset and you will lose your current game. Be careful for now.
    * Known limitation: Checkbox "Boundaries in Range" is not implemented yet.

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    Feedback on this thread seems to have died.

    Florent - did you ever develop the iOS version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stumptonian View Post
    Feedback on this thread seems to have died.

    Florent - did you ever develop the iOS version?
    Hi there,

    Thanks for asking I have received positive feedback for the Android version (I'm receiving positive notes and nice emails from time to time ), and there are around 350 installations at the moment.

    The issue with IOS is the following: The IOS version IS already "developed" per se (I used a cross-platform framework in order to create the application). It would just need to be pushed to the store. If I had a Mac (required to publish on the appstore) and an Apple developer license (which costs 100 usd per year) the app would be already available on Apple devices. But the thing is I'm not going to invest that much money out of my pocket for an app that is 100% free.

    But meanwhile I'm not sure if we can do anything about that. Maybe you could tell the publisher (Ares) that you'd really like to have the application for Apple devices too, and if there is enough demand maybe they could do something about it, I don't know; but I can't buy a Mac + a developer license just to publish that app at this moment; I'm just a fan like you and I can't justify to invest that amount of money to support devices that I'm not even using myself. If one day I'd have to get the Apple license for other reasons (my own commercial projects for example), then I'd take the opportunity to publish this free app on the AppStore for you guys, no issue at all.

    Hope you understand

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    Thanks for your swift reply.
    I understand. No one could expect you to shell out money with no return.

    How about the PC version?
    That would work for me as well.

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    A PC version is feasible in theory, I will check

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