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Thread: Flight Club - 10/19 at Entoyment, Poole

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    Default Flight Club - 10/19 at Entoyment, Poole

    A few of us are looking to get together at Entoyment on Saturday the 12th October 2019 for some WGF action and any forum member, or, local WoG player is welcome to come and join in with us.
    This is not to be a demo/participation like we usually put on but more a day for us to get our teeth into some more involved gaming and play some bigger, longer, WW1 scenario type games.

    If you're not familiar with the location the address is: Entoyment, Unit 2, Fleetsbridge Business Centre, Poole BH17 7AF. Opens at 10.00

    I can put on a variant of the bomber game I took to Origins last year to get the ball rolling but would welcome other contributions. So games of one - one and a half - two hours max, don't have to be overly complex, just something we can share banter & a laugh over.

    So if you fancy it sign up below & if you have a scenario you'd like to try out then PM me.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Signs (again) on the dotted line...

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    Hope to be able to make it on October 12th (not sure yet).

    At some point, this meet-up might be a good place to run my 1918 Death Race scenario again.

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    Pair of tables booked for the day.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Yep I'll be there

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    Every time I think of taking the trip to Poole for some event at Entoyment it seems to conflict with something else - usually a business trip ��.



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    One day Edward, one day !

    "He is wise who watches"

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    A week to go chaps - any more for anymore ?

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Pretty sure that Simon, Andy and Ian are planning to attend although maybe not for the whole day.

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    Still trying to get rid of it.

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    Thanks for the update chaps - with Rob & Alex that should give us between four and eight players at times.
    Ajay, I'll see you Friday night; Tim, hopefully you can let slip the surly bonds !

    "He is wise who watches"

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    50/50 at the moment Dave, depends how the week and the Occupational Health Assessment (in Bournemouth of all places!) in particular, goes.

    - Neil.

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    Thanks mate, hope all goes well.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    All confirmed at Entoyment yesterday; I also got confirmation from some of the local players so we could max out between 7 - 11 players...There's a chance of some busy airspace !

    I will supply all the kit but if someone can lend a damage deck caddy or two that would be handy (really must get one or two of them !) and if you could contribute a couple of quid toward the table cost that would be handy too !

    Hope to start with a one hour late war dogfight as a warm up, run a bombing scenario '95 sqn plays trains', have lunch, follow that with another dogfight/balloon mission using different aircraft, then a bombing mission using tandem's and escorts and if we have time/energy a final dogfight.
    As you know no plan survives first contact with the enemy so don't hold me to any of this !

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Good luck with this, hope you have a great day.

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    I hope that you all have a good time and some exciting games.

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    Now free to attend - anything I need to bring (besides Damage Deck Caddies...…)?

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    Glad you can make it. See you there Tim.

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    Just checking - mission tomorrow still on, chaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Helmut View Post
    Now free to attend - anything I need to bring (besides Damage Deck Caddies...…)?
    Great news Tim
    Planning on using the following, may need an extra or two - SSD.III (& a Pfalz Dr.1); RFC SPAD VII; Alb D.II & a Balloon perhaps - otherwise I hopefully have it covered.

    Quote Originally Posted by Prodromoi View Post
    Just checking - mission tomorrow still on, chaps?
    Hopefully the above confirms for you Alex - see you there.

    Safe drives in chaps, weather is pretty grim.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Bonza. I'll bring my boxes of stuff should anything be needed (although I realise that's unlikely!).

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    Looking forward to it chaps See you there

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    Well that went well...
    A huge thank you to everyone who pitched up for the inaugural session of Flight Club at Entoyment, particularly those who had to put the hard miles in to get there, it made a difference and I think it's safe to say we had a bloody good days gaming.
    The only question I have is - how was it that the only bloke not on the forum, and who didn't play in the last game, ended up with the most victories ?!

    Carl: 4˝ (Now Frag Thief on the forum)
    Andy L (Ajay): 4
    Andy T (Sauerkraut): 2˝
    Rob (Rabscallion): 2
    Alex (Prodromoi): 2
    Tim (Flying Helmut): 1
    Ian ( Chianti Raider):1
    Peter: 1 (only played one game)
    Dave(flash): 1
    Andy B (Sherlochnumber1): 0
    (Note I may have missed some ?)

    Well done all, a full day of play, four games completed, 8-9 players in each, good humour & banter throughout. Fantastic.

    I will post some pics in due course, if you're able please do the same.

    The next Flight Club will likely be 14th December but I will confirm and post a new thread 'Flight Club 12/19'
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    "He is wise who watches"

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    A fantastic day of dogfighting. Managed to fly three aircraft during the various sorties that I have never used before. Great fun and some superb banter. Thank you to all my wingmen and opponents.

    A massive thank you to Dave for organising the day and can't wait for the next one.

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    Very fun day - thanks Dave for organising, and thanks all for the airborne shennanigans! Can't wait to see the pics.

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    A fantastic game day cheers Dave and everyone for some greta games. I've put that new date in the diary

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    Sorry I didn’t make it, stuff came up. Good to hear it went well.

    - Neil.

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    You were missed my friend, you'd have loved it - hopefully you'll catch one down the runway

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Default Opening Shots !

    Here are a couple of images as we get ready for combat..

    Name:  SAM_1252.JPG
Views: 91
Size:  176.2 KB
    Rob (Rabscallion), Andy (Ajay), Alex (Prodromoi);
    A formation of Sopwith Camels sit in front of Alex.

    Name:  SAM_1253.JPG
Views: 92
Size:  184.5 KB
    Andy T (Sauerkraut), Carl & Tim (Flying Helmut)
    In the foreground a formation of SSD.III & my Pfalz Dr.1 led by Tim's "Steffi" on its first outing in the UK.

    And then we're off for a 60 minute mission...

    The formations close and Tim feels the loneliness of command !
    Name:  SAM_1254.JPG
Views: 96
Size:  201.7 KB

    A move or two later there are machines going in all directions - Carl wrong footed me and his camel is mounted by my Pfalz - we both survived the collision though.
    Name:  SAM_1255.JPG
Views: 90
Size:  206.0 KB

    Plenty of concentration as the battle rages
    Name:  SAM_1256.JPG
Views: 97
Size:  194.6 KB

    About 40 minutes in Alex buys the farm German hopes are raised...
    Name:  SAM_1257.JPG
Views: 92
Size:  190.5 KB

    ..And they rush in for a congratulatory huddle that I just managed to avoid !
    Name:  SAM_1258.JPG
Views: 97
Size:  188.7 KB

    A short while later Ajay evens the score by knocking Rob from the sky
    Name:  SAM_1259.JPG
Views: 99
Size:  194.7 KB

    Poor quality pic but had to show the love being shared... Tim & Ajay exchange, I pour it into Ajay at close range & Carl nips in with a long range effort on me ...
    Name:  SAM_1260.JPG
Views: 89
Size:  184.8 KB

    Bugger ! I'm boomed out of the game by Carl
    Name:  SAM_1261.JPG
Views: 88
Size:  191.0 KB

    Not long after Tim feels loneliness again as AndyB (Sherlochnumber1) is taken out when he draws his fire damage - Carl & Andy T share the victory
    Name:  SAM_1262.JPG
Views: 111
Size:  190.0 KB

    Regardless Tim piles into the fight
    Name:  SAM_1263.JPG
Views: 83
Size:  173.9 KB

    And you can see from the reaction he pays the ultimate price
    Name:  SAM_1264.JPG
Views: 99
Size:  186.3 KB

    Struck down by AndyT (see the card?)
    Name:  SAM_1265.JPG
Views: 91
Size:  191.0 KB
    Andy jammed his gun in the exchange, Tim's total not helped by an earlier collision

    So ended the first game more or less right on the 60 minite mark - a clear victory for the RAF, well done chaps !

    More later
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    "He is wise who watches"

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    Default Second verse ..

    Our cousins across the pond may recognise this from Origins '18 as "95 Sqn Play Trains", or "95 Sqn lay rains" as it said in the origins book ! Honest gov we never touched her..

    Anyway, it's my fantasy RFC bomber squadron, numbering three Caproni Ca.3, off to bomb the rail yards on the city map. I ran the three bombers and the other chaps flew Albatros DV.a against them.
    Name:  SAM_1267.JPG
Views: 91
Size:  191.6 KB

    The Ca.3 look remarkably nimble on their gimbals - but soon fire is incoming...
    Name:  SAM_1270.JPG
Views: 85
Size:  198.1 KB

    Good shot of AndyB getting stuck in on the left - oh if the devil could cast his net !
    Name:  SAM_1271.JPG
Views: 93
Size:  192.0 KB
    At the back of the pack I was joined by Ian (Chianti Raider) with a Camel who up against it but managed to make a nuisance of himself !

    The Ca.3's are struggling on against the whirlwind - engine, smoke, wounded gunners and pilots are mounting up when Carl in Alb#2 gets a broadside shot on number 2 ...
    Name:  SAM_1272.JPG
Views: 103
Size:  200.0 KB

    Engines turn into windmills and down it goes as the relentless attack moves on to #3 !
    Name:  SAM_1273.JPG
Views: 89
Size:  193.4 KB

    Number 1 breaks through the barrier and plants his eggs across the main platform much to the station master's disgust !
    Name:  SAM_1274.JPG
Views: 93
Size:  196.4 KB
    He did not live much longer to celebrate, as with only one point of damage remaining Alex chopped him down, sorry that pic was missed.

    Number 3 then lines up and drops his eggs into the yard a moment before being taken out by a flaming and vengeful Tim !
    Name:  SAM_1276.JPG
Views: 88
Size:  205.7 KB

    Another cracking game and again 95 get on target but don't survive the effort.
    Next time though, next time...

    Next time we'll go mob handed - you won't see this very often:
    Name:  SAM_1280.JPG
Views: 90
Size:  213.4 KB

    Alex can add to the fleet
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    "He is wise who watches"

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    Looks like fun, Guys.

    I didn't realize you had more than one RFC Caproni, Dave.
    Still on my list to do at least one.

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    Default Third herd

    After lunch it was time for another 60 minute dogfight to get the afternoon session rolling, so we fielded Halberstadts & my captured Nieuport 17 against four SPAD VII's
    Name:  SAM_1281.JPG
Views: 92
Size:  196.2 KB
    Tim leads in the blue, Ajay to his left in the green cam, Alex to the right in the brown, Ian behind in the cdl & me behind in the N.17

    The SPAD's blow past us after the first exchanges
    Name:  SAM_1282.JPG
Views: 93
Size:  196.2 KB

    We re-engage or take avoiding action as required - Ajay has taken out AndyB
    Name:  SAM_1283.JPG
Views: 93
Size:  202.3 KB

    A couple of turns later I'm gone - caught between Carl and AndyT and it was all over !
    Name:  SAM_1284.JPG
Views: 85
Size:  187.3 KB

    Ian goes in the next turn - believe he fell to Rob - AndyB has respawned.
    Name:  SAM_1285.JPG
Views: 78
Size:  185.4 KB

    I respawned but it didn't last for long as Carl Booms me again !
    Name:  SAM_1286.JPG
Views: 85
Size:  176.5 KB

    Alex managed to ram him out of the sky shortly after !
    Name:  SAM_1287.JPG
Views: 86
Size:  186.4 KB

    As time was called Tim had an impressive card tally - he drew for fire and he was ended... it only took 21 cards !!
    Name:  SAM_1288.JPG
Views: 91
Size:  179.2 KB

    4 on 5 - not counting respawns - another impressive RFC win I think.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Default Fourth Quarter

    We lost Rob and Carl for this one but gained Peter who owns Entoyment.
    This was another bombing mission but we went with Sopwith Strutters - three two seaters as escorts for a pair of single seat bombers at the back flown by me
    Name:  SAM_1290.JPG
Views: 87
Size:  206.8 KB

    Up against us are four Albatros D.II's
    Name:  SAM_1291.JPG
Views: 87
Size:  200.1 KB

    First pass AndyT & Tim get into Ian's blindspot - Pete in C2 does his best to put them off by firing into Tim
    Name:  SAM_1292.JPG
Views: 94
Size:  202.5 KB

    AndyB flying MvR's Alb D.II runs into a spot of bother !
    Name:  SAM_1293.JPG
Views: 91
Size:  198.9 KB

    But he took it well !
    Name:  SAM_1294.JPG
Views: 91
Size:  183.4 KB

    Ajay gets on mission and quickly dispatches one of my Strutter's - the pack to right are two close range at +1... I'm shot to smithers and set on fire for good measure...
    Name:  SAM_1295.JPG
Views: 89
Size:  193.3 KB

    He gets on to the next one too late to stop him bombing the town hall.
    Name:  SAM_1296.JPG
Views: 94
Size:  187.0 KB

    Having sparred with AndyT Peter gets on to AndyB
    Name:  SAM_1297.JPG
Views: 90
Size:  209.7 KB

    Andy B finally bites the dust - done in by his final fire card (5Wnd)
    Name:  SAM_1298.JPG
Views: 97
Size:  196.9 KB

    Alex was next to fall - the 5 & 3 pairing at +1
    Name:  SAM_1299.JPG
Views: 93
Size:  182.1 KB

    Ajay wipes out my surviving bomber - look at those +1's again !
    Name:  SAM_1300.JPG
Views: 91
Size:  191.2 KB

    Tim in Kurt Student's Alb catches up with me as he gets dropped by Pete
    Name:  SAM_1301.JPG
Views: 95
Size:  186.2 KB

    After being tailed by Pete who was knocking lumps off him AndyT Immelled and caught Pete who received a wounded pilot & gunner - AndyT decides discretion may be the better part of valour, with one point of damage remaining he makes a run for home before Ian can get onto him !
    Name:  SAM_1302.JPG
Views: 91
Size:  183.5 KB

    Thus ended the fourth quarter and the first day of Flight Club - and a good time had by all.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    It certainly looks like you all had an exciting time. Those are great photographs and A.A.R.'s, Dave. That photograph of MvR's Albatros D.II caught in a crossfire must be a classic. I like your explosion discs. You deserve much kudos for organizing and running the event, Dave.

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    A great day out. Well worth the journey. Great bunch of blokes and excellent work by my old mate Dave in organising this event. Looking forward to the next one.

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    Yup, it was a cracking day out.

    Excellent games, with a bunch of top blokes who all got into the action and the banter. Plenty of 'Michael' was extracted!

    I took photos as well, but since I haven't posted my Donnie pictures yet it'll be a while before these appear on the Forum - apologies for that...............

    I only wish that I lived closer, so could attend the regular "Entoyment" Wednesday night air wars.

    As above, very many thanks to Flash for organising the inaugural Flight Club meet - I certainly hope to be able to attend the next one.

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    Thanks chaps, great to see you Ajay, thanks for coming over, looking forward to our last hurrah at SELWG next week.
    David, the explosion discs are in the files system under 3" ground targets 2 if I recall correctly - here they are:

    "He is wise who watches"

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    What a great day Thanks for the great AARs and pics Dave

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    Dave I missed this, looks like you had a great time, sorry I live a 5 hour drive away, although it sounds as if some of the guys made a long trek to get there.
    Excellent commentary and photos showing the event.

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