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Thread: New Se5a and Pfalz are in. Missed them the first time, getting them this time.

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    Default New Se5a and Pfalz are in. Missed them the first time, getting them this time.

    I have Se5a and Pfalz from Shapeways, but I'm excited to get real ones.

    Good times.

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    I received my order on Series 4 models (bombers and Se5/5a) and was very impressed with the level of quality of the planes. The DR-1's I ordered a few months ago with the Series 1 re-release had a few imperfections in decal placement on the tail of the planes (no big deal), but the Series 4 models had me wondering if they came from a different factory...absolutely perfect! My kids and I marvel at the beauty of the planes as you would fine chess pieces. Of course I couldn't wait to play a few games with my kids, who chose to fly the DR-1's while I flew the Se5 and Se5a's (a father has to teach his sons the wisdom of good plane choice). I kept losing, though! I must have picked every "pilot injured" card in the deck!
    I love the ace skill cards that were released with Series 4. This will definitely add value to the game. I wish that you could purchase skill cards for each of the planes released (including a bio card), sold seperately, with their inclusion with all future models released (and I'm bummed that they were not included in the re-release of Series 1 a few months ago). I would think that they would be cheap to produce and package, so that profits would make the idea beneficial for all concerned. Just a thought. I know that this was done in the past, where you could buy a group of different ace cards sold in a batch, but I was hesitant to buy any because I would only be interested in half of the aces, so the other half of the cards would go to waste.
    A special thanks to Keith at Aerodrome Accessories for his quick turn-a-round in shipping and having such awesome prices.

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    Avidly read that pamphlet that came in Milton Bradley’s Dogfight when I was a kid, and the Se5a was always my favorite Entente fighter. Alas, apparently someone single-handedly wiped out most of the Se5s in the Aerodrome store, so I had to order a set from Cool Stuff just now, but I at long last will have them without having to pay steep used prices. Now the patient wait is simply reduced to the DH.2...

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    Our postman has just delivered a box from Games Lore with my pre-ordered SE-5s and Pfalz’s. So another six models to store and add to my WoG log! Doubtless I will pick up a Breguet and a Rumpler in due course.



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    soon my 2 mcuddens should arrive (going to redecal 1) a Berthold phalz and a dr.1 vs camel set with a few other goodies

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    Thumbs up

    I must agree with the comments on the quality of the new models.
    I grabbed a McCudden, Bishop & Voss Pfalz & they are just superb.
    No underwing colors showing & the wings appear to be thinner than some of the earlier models.
    Really happy!

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    You're lucky Baz, I've noticed a number of defects in SE's I've seen - superfluous glue on the top plane, badly repaired/placed undercart interfering with peg attachment, badly placed decal on top plane... and I've only seen three ! Shame, 'cos otherwise they look really good.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Mine still haven't arrived

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