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Thread: New US and Russian roundel decals

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    Default New US and Russian roundel decals

    I have just added three new decal sheets to the AA store:

    US Roundels
    Name:  A4 M12-US Army Air Service WW1.jpg
Views: 120
Size:  97.1 KB

    US Stars and Bars
    Name:  A4 M12-US2.jpg
Views: 115
Size:  96.4 KB

    Russian Roundels
    Name:  A4 M12-RUS1.jpg
Views: 106
Size:  95.6 KB

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    Great additions thanks.

    Here's to them what are like us. Damn few and they're all dead.

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    Oooooh, might need to get me some of those!

    Thanks, Boss!

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