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Thread: Number 56 Squadron decals anyone?

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    Default Number 56 Squadron decals anyone?

    With the pending release of McCudden's SE.5a, I was wondering if there was any interest in a No. 56 Squadron decal sheet for repaints? If so, what pilots would you guys like to see included?

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    McCudden ('6')
    Broadberry ('A2' with crocodile markings)
    Speaks ('2')
    Clarkson ('Z')
    Possibly Grinnell-Milne with his all red SE5A from 1919?

    Also Rhys-Davids SE5?
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    Sounds good to me

    A8918 Capt EW Broadberry. A2
    B514 Lt RT Leighton C4
    A8911 Capt ELL Turnbull A3
    A8913 Lt KK Muspratt B2

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    I'm not well versed on the 56th, but I'll take a sheet regardless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jager View Post
    I'm not well versed on the 56th, but I'll take a sheet regardless.
    Ditto, I would buy a sheet as well!

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    Thanks for the feed back guys. I'll have to dig out my books and see if I can find all of the correct markings for those pilots.

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    I ordered generic ones from miscmini but would order specific sheets if made available here.

    It will be a while before I get around to repainting anyway.

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