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Thread: Modding the Tripods & Triplanes box into a carrying case

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    Default Modding the Tripods & Triplanes box into a carrying case

    There's a long tradition here on the forums of modifying the Wings of War / Glory game boxes to serve as carrying cases and token / card / template organizers for use during gameplay.

    Now that the Martians have finally landed, I have carried on that tradition with the T&T box.

    My goals for the box were pretty simple:
    1. Must be able to carry one of each of the four tripods released to date
    2. Must be able to store and organize all of the T&T components needed to play
    3. Must be usable during games as a token & template organizer

    Ultimately, the desire is for a "grab and go", all-in-one solution for playing T&T. Meaning that, if I get this one box, I have everything I need at hand to play a game of T&T. Just have to add airplanes to taste and we're away.

    I should note that all my WoG planes are stored separately, in stacking carboard boxes and custom cut foam trays. Because of that, I didn't worry about trying to add airplane storage to the T&T box. The main reason for this was that I like to keep all my planes together, organized by year (1916, 1917, etc) and didn't want to have any squirreled away in a separate T&T box where I might have to look for them (and/or forget where they were). By having all the Martian stuff in one box, I can just grab the T&T box, select a few planes from the 'hangars', and be ready to go.

    In any event, here are some photos. I used a combination of the cardboard liners from the Kickstarter and some foam I had laying around. A bit of contact cement was used as needed to secure foam to cardboard for the Squid, which was the trickiest one to accommodate, but which rides quite safely and securely underneath the modified plastic insert.

    Hope it gives some ideas to others thinking about a similar project. And of course, please feel free to share your own custom inserts if you've done something similar.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice way to organize things, Steve! I have used my yellow invasion box to put everything needed for 'regular' game play - tripods (I only have 5 at this time...), cards, chits, rulebook, range rulers, etc. I am using the regular game box for the 'extras' - scenery and other bits - that I can bring along as needed. I am still debating whether I want to make a wooden box to organize and hold things. Your work here has given me some ideas...

    All the best,
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    Nice work. Still puzzling out how I'm planning to tackle this. I am considering standing up the tripods in the invasion box and possibly using magnets on the bases to secure them. Thanks for the ideas, I may have to incorporate some in my solution.

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    I will leave the tripods in their boxes, but a nice way to put them in one box.
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