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Thread: Hammerhead 2020 March 14

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    Default Hammerhead 2020 March 14

    I have received the invitation to attend Hammerhead next year.
    Venue will be at the Newark showgrounds as per previous years.

    I am not asking for names as yet, way too early, but I would like a consensus about what we will put on this year and how many tables.

    Previous years we have had three tables and put on Wings WW1, Wings WW2 and Sails.
    Last year though we only had two tables putting on Sails and Wings WW1

    So this year we have a choice of 5 Ares games if we include Tripods and BSG.

    One table will be Sails which I will look after with other volunteers.
    I assume we will be wanting WGF as usual so will need volunteers for that table

    The question is does anyone want and how many are prepared to put on, one of the other three games, WGS, Tripods and BSG ?

    Or do I just book the two tables for Sails and WGF?

    The tables need to be booked soon as its on a first come basis so although I dont need names I do need the ideas of tables required. Please let me know asap please

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    Owing to the unfortunate downturn in the number of 'Drome members able to attend events, i would recommend no more than two tables.

    Real life has, quite rightly, drawn off several folks who used to be able to regularly step up and help out on the tables. Despite the great efforts of a handful of new members, not enough folks have been able to replace the regulars.
    Too many times now a table is run all day by only two, or sometimes only one, 'Dromers.

    Sad but true.

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    I personally would like to do Sails so do not really have an opinion on the WGS and BSG. The answer is to await a response during the next day or two and decide then!
    I have just read this back and I detect a distinct hint of Grandmothers and Eggs for which I apologise.
    Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Winston S. Churchill

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    On a WGF table there could be pure WGF in the morning and Tripods and Triplanes in the afternoon (or vice versa).

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