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Thread: WoGF maneuver decks

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    Default WoGF maneuver decks

    hi all does anyone know of or have access to a sheet containingall the official wings of glory ww1 aircraft and the maneuver decks they use

    as always help is much appreciated


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    If you look at the sticky General overview of released minis in the WWI General section you will find that information.

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    or the tactical walk through

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    sorry where can i find these i must not be in a great state of mind as i havent found em

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    Go to the 'World War I' section of the forum and click on the 'WGF General Discussion' section.

    Click on it, and you will see the top 6 threads listed under an 'Important Threads' section.

    Those are the 'sticky' sections that each subforum has at its top so that important stuff is easy to find, or stuff that folks often ask about is readily available. One of those should set you on the right path, Esa...

    All the best,

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