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Thread: Various WoG/W WW2 in UK for sale.

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    Default Various WoG/W WW2 in UK for sale.

    For sale in uk the following:
    £15 WoG Rules and accessories pack - sold

    £15 WoW Fire from the sky.

    £12 Yak-1 Luganskij
    £13 Spitfire Mk 1 Le Mesurier - sold
    £25 Spitfire Mk II Falkowski (New)
    £25 Spitfire Mk II Vybral (New)
    £20 Bf109 Molders - sold
    £20 Bf109 Balthasar - sold
    £40 Bf109 Galland (Used, very good)

    WoW boosters:
    £10 Flying legend (Spitfire + 3x A decks)
    £10 Eagles of the Reich (BF109 +3x B decks)
    £10 Revolution in the sky (I-16 plus 2 J and 1 K decks).

    All items in excellent condition (like new, unless otherwise specified) but have been opened and WoW card boosters are missing original packaging. Prices include UK 2nd class postage. Will post overseas but shipping will cost significantly more.
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    Updated with new and sold items.

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    I've bought Spitfire Mk 1 Le Mesurier, Bf109 Molders and Bf109 Balthasar. Good acquisition for my collection !

    Everything in excellent condition and quick delivery abroad.

    Thank you Woof !

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