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Thread: Aliens, reprints, now what?

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    Default Aliens, reprints, now what?

    It’s been an interesting couple of years for our beloved WGF with lots of TaT delays and production issues. Finally, that all seems to be behind us. The series 1 reprints and new pilots are making their way around the globe and the series IV planes are just about upon us. There are rumors of yet another reprint in the near or far future for series V. So, let’s say we see series 5 next Summer....what then? What direction are they going to take the game? I have heard rumors of the balloons coming back and of a campaign book, but nothing concrete. I for one hope we get another series of aircraft that are new to the game. Hopefully, that series includes the Pups that most of us want. I have become use to the waits between sets and am happy to do so as long as we keep getting thrown some bones now and again.

    Obviously, Ares needs to recoup some funds from the series 1 and 4 reprints, along with the BoB medium bombers coming this Fall for WGS. That being said, with many of the most popular aircraft back in circulation, I hope to see some more concrete intel on future products. It’s nice to hear rumblings about campaign books and balloon reprints, but it’s a whole new level of awesomeness to hear about the overarching plan.

    I have been waiting since what, 2013, 2014 for the announced WGS series 7, but at least I know the overarching idea behind WGS is to flush out the BoB before moving on to the PTO. However, I can’t say that I know what the WGF strategy is. Perhaps, it was to get all the aircraft back in print. Maybe I have missed the strategy. If so, I do apologize, I am a busy man and try to keep up the best that I can.

    Anyway, I know we all have our lists of aircraft we want to see and we have done many a thread discussing the merits of our desired aircrafts. However, we really have n’t discussed recently what we hope to see Ares do with the game now that TaT is nearly in the rear view mirror.

    I hope to see a campaign book, a couple new series of aircraft, and London game mats based off the paper ones we got with the Giants. I think WGF has a ton of potential to still be produced for years to come. Sure, the early war planes of Series V are in desperate need of a reprint, but I am not as excited about aliens and reprints as some people. I am more than happy to wait my turn, but I would like to hear from Ares about what they hope to accomplish with the line over the next couple of years.

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    what we need are some novel aircraft as opposed to reprints. there are still many aircraft available from ww1 that could be produced.

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    Yes, a "vision for the future" would be welcome.

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    I'm also curious about the next releases!

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