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    Our gang of 4 played a 2 on 2 scenario last night that involved 2 Bristol F2B's against 2 UFAG's. The maneuver decks are the same except the Bristol has Immelmann capability. I thought about that and decided to give each UFAG a Pilot Skill Card to compensate. Mark got an ignore green jam card and I took a recover in 2 movements in lieu of 3 for a jam. I allocated my card to my observer. I used my card 2 times and Mark did not use his at all. His jams were all red ones. Windy Jack in his F2B won the day and shot us both down after we had seen Biggles Downunder off in his F2B.

    I was wondering if anyone has given any thought to these cards and what cards should be given out in situations like this where one side has some sort of advantage in speed, maneuverability or firepower?
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    Check this thread for the Designer's view of different planes and Pilot Skills: Point System for Wings of Glory

    Depending on the F2B weapon configuration, the match-up didn't really match up. For each F2B with single guns front and rear, 91 points. UFAGs were 83 points.

    Points for Skills are
    Bullet Checker: 8
    Weapon Specialist: 5 (IIRC for quick unjams)

    As you noted, though, as in any game of Wings of Glory, it really depends on the cards drawn for damage as an individual game plays out. I note that you didn't mention the Boom Card. A Lucky Pilot (7 points) could avoid that, rendering the card a miss at a critical point in the game. In any single game, it is hard to rate an individual plane, or an individual skill.

    By points, you could have assigned a few skills to the UFAGs to 'even' out the game. But, the damage draws will make a mockery of any attempt to 'balance' a game.
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    Thanks Mike, I have printed out the latest version of that spreadsheet/file. You are right when you say that the damage draws will often make a mockery of any attempt to balance the sides. Windy Jack drew 9 zeroes last night for example. However we like to start the game with a closest possible match so your link will be useful to us. We decided on ignoring the boom card yesterday as Windy seemed to be a boom magnet in his first move recently. It was a good game and I did think those two planes were pretty well matched.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baxter View Post
    ... We decided on ignoring the boom card yesterday as Windy seemed to be a boom magnet in his first move recently...
    To avoid that Gary take the Booms out, shuffle the deck and seed them back into the bottom third/half of the deck - that way no-one gets an early bath.

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    If the Bristol Fighters have extra guns A/B or B/A you could use the special equipment card for the Ufags giving them an extra forward firing gun to make them A/B.

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    Yes, I use skill cards as an evener also but, it is better to be lucky than good. Even if luck is defined by the draw of the cards.

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