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Thread: New Ace Skills & Optional Rules - Shout Out

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    Default New Ace Skills & Optional Rules - Shout Out

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to collate any new Ace Skills & Optional Rules that come with the latest releases so that I may add them into the Sticky in the rules section and update the document that goes with it in the files section. I have to ask as I don't buy all the models myself & don't want to miss any from the listing.
    Other than Sneak Attack that came with Ball's Nieuport I don't know if there are any others yet so if you've found any with series 1, or, the series 4 reprint please do us a favour and post a nice clear pic of them in this thread so I may get to transcribing them onto the forum.

    Thanks in advance, cheers Dave

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Ball has Sneak attack, Perfect aim for skills. He also has the two 'higher machine gun' and alternative armament to up grade from a B to an A damage deck options.

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    In the T&T set with Navarre, new skills added are stuntman, anti-shield expert, tactical expert, heat-ray dodging, tripod hunter and tripod buster.

    Stuntman, This ability can be used on single-seaters only.
    Before anybody reveals a maneuver card, if this ace planned a straight maneuver you can declare that he turns the nose to the right of left and skids while shooting. In the next firing phase, his firing arc on the chosen side is widened to 90*.
    When you use this ability take four recovery counters.

    Anti-shield expert. You must decide to use this ability before any damage cards are drawn. If the attack inflicts an energy loss to a tripod protected by electrified armor, the target loses one additional energy counter. A card inflicting zero energy loss is still considered a zero.
    When you use this ability take two recovery counters.

    Tactical expert. At the beginning of the planning phase, you may look at the planned maneuver cards of one tripod, before planning this ace's maneuvers.
    The chosen tripod must be within one ruler's distance from his airplane, in any direction.
    This skill can be used once in a game. Turn this card facedown to remember that this skill has been used.

    Heat-ray dodging. When this airplane takes a heat-ray damage card, after seeing it you may decide to discard it and draw another damage card from the same deck, to replace it.
    This skill can be used twice in a game. Put a recovery counter on this card as a reminder each time the skill is used.

    Tripod hunter.
    You must decide to use this ability before any damage cards are drawn. If the attack inflicts at least one point of damage, or an energy loss, the Martian player must declare it and draw an additional B damage card. If this card is not a 0, the tripod topples. Ignore damage points and special damage on this additional B damage card, and reshuffle it immediately in its deck.
    This skill can be used twice in the game. Put a recovery counter on this card as a reminder each time the skill is used.

    Tripod buster. When this ace fires rockets at a tripod, the target's player must declare if he draws at least one 0 D damage card. If so, you may use this skill to require the tripod to draw an additional D damage card.
    When you use this skill, take four recovery counters. Until all are removed, 0 damage cards are not declared by tripods the ace hits with rockets.

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    Thanks Peter, I will add them to the Tripod walk through. looking at the series 1 kites that came with the Tripods they don't appear to have any cards so we might just have to wait to see what series 4 brings to the party.
    Stunt man & Tactical expert might make for good cross over skills though...

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Navarre's skills are the same as Ball's, the one I listed above come with the T&T starter set.

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