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    A while ago, I saw a picture of someone playing on a mat that had clouds and their shadows on the ground. It looked pretty impressive. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and where it came from?

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    Thanks David, that's the one. Do you have a preferred material for play? I see that they list different materials of construction.

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    I have that one in cloth and also the Verdun one. I leave them on the table all the time. They can be ironed, folded, washed you name it. Very durable and very good looking especially the one with the fields and clouds. I have seen a lino/plastic one that did not look so good. Too shiny and the edges were starting to curl. I have not seen the rubber one.
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    Hi Dobbs, welcome to the Drone, I've seen the rubber mouse mat one, it's superb. The material lays flat, it's got just enough give in it to make picking up or sliding cards easy, and it seems very durable. Only downside is cost and weight.

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    That mat is awesome.

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    I've got the rubber 'mousepad' one - I had to get one in a fit of jealousy!!!!

    I'd recommend it to anyone; a magnificent product!

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    The wargames club I attend has the rubber one. It is not as thick as the Ares mats.

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    Hello All

    Just a quickie. What are the dimensions of the mats? Like to know just so I can get the space in my head. Then I suppose I'll have to buy one

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    They come 4x4 and 4x6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Future Pilot View Post
    They come 4x4 and 4x6.
    That's Imperial feet, not metres...……….

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    I've thought of ordering one of their mats, but the cost of shipping to Canada is almost as much as the mat itself!
    They also have a couple of other mats that would lend themselves to air combat: Mig Alley and Scorched Sky
    Name:  mig-alley-aerial-game-mat-for-blood-red-skies-6x4.jpg
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    Name:  scorched-sky-game-board-mat-area-of-engagement-for-aeronautica-imperialis-4x4.jpg
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