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    We played a 3 person game last night and the single Cylon almost won the day. On his very first exchange of fire, the Colonial pilot took 2 hits under the dice doubles optional rule and ended up being blown out of the sky! My question is, if both hits incur a plus sign on the damage counter, does the target take 4 counters?

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    If the fire is split on doubles, each counts as a separate hit, with all the rules for a hit. So, if the shooting player is using the Lethal talent, it gets put on each hit, as well. It is a super critical hit. So, if the victim is really unlucky, he could end up with as many as 10 chits of damage (as Lethal can have a player draw up to four extra damage chits, if they are all "+".).

    I played a game recently where my Cylon ship was blown away on a double 6. I rolled doubles on my To Hit roll as well, but I didn't roll boxcars. So, I couldn't split my shot. I was scrap, he wasn't.

    PS: It was worse than that. He rolled boxcars on both his To Hit rolls with his Vipers: BSG Warm-up for PhenomaCon 2019 .
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    Thank you for the replies.

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