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    Hello Everybody! The dates for Rock Con this year are Oct 25 - 27. This event is held in Rockford, IL. I have already registered two scenarios, one for Friday evening and one for Saturday morning. I am planning on entering another for Sat. afternoon. This is a nice, well run convention. Hope to see some of you there!

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    Michael are you staying Friday and heading back Saturday night? I think Beth and I will probably stay Friday and Saturday night and head for home on Sunday.

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    Hey gang,

    I plan on staying Fri and Sat night too, driving home on Sun.

    Looking forward to seeing you all again in a couple of months!


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    Bob, if you and Beth are staying Fri. and Sat. nights I will too.

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    I'll be there, and I'm staying both night too!!! Oh, wait, I live here!!!

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    A little over three weeks to go, looking forward to seeing everyone!

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    We (Beth,myself & Aaron) will get there around 1:00pm Friday.

    See you all Friday.

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    I should be in around 2-3pm on Fri and don't have anything scheduled until Mike's game at 7pm. Do you and Beth want to get together for dinner before the big kickoff game at 7pm? @Mike and @Tim, how about you gentlemen, any interest in dinner beforehand on Friday? Anyone else I may have missed, the more the merrier?

    Either way, looking forward to seeing you all again, catching up and having a fun weekend of gaming.


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    Mike, I have a game set for Saturday afternoon!!! If anyone is interested in dinner, there is a great little restaurant near by that has all you can eat fish fry for a great price!!! They have a wonderful breakfast too!!! I'll try to be there asap Friday, as I work until 1:00pm.

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    Have a great weekend you guys, post some pics for us if you can

    "He is wise who watches"

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    One more day!!!! See you at the Con!!!! I will be there around 3:00 PM. Can anybody bring a camera? Mine isn't working right.

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    Sounds like we will get into town around the same time. I’ve got my cell phone and I’m sure all of us around the table will help capture all the action. See you tomorrow sir.


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