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Thread: Savage Builds: RE8 vs. Fokker Dr.I

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    Default Savage Builds: RE8 vs. Fokker Dr.I

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    Time for bed. Turn off the recording on Battle Bots...wait! Biplanes! Triplanes! Adam Savage! Okay, staying up to watch this...

    Edit in after watching the episode: Essentially, very high tech laser tag meets Hollywood effects with Peter Jackson’s collection of planes (he is having replicas built to spec). The downside is that you aim at the plane rather than leading the plane, but a whole lot of fun to watch the battles (Savage is the gunner).

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    That looks very interesting!

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    heh heh heh - you might like this then... It's a newspaper article from here in NZ last year, with an embedded video of Adam talking about the experience.

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    I watched it, very cool. Plus he shoots his own plane's tail.

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    My family watched the show last night. It was a lot of fun, and my wife (a Fokker Dr. I fan) really liked seeing a real triplane in action!

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