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Thread: Apollo 11 real-time

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    Default Apollo 11 real-time has a special section devoted to this:

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    VERY cool! Rep incoming.

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    Great find Sam!

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    Nice one Sam. Now I can revisit my youth.

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    Do you remember that day, Rob? How it was? Plese, take a glass and tell us about it - I can not imagine what people felt that time.

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    Feeling, and memories.

    I was not quite seven yet; Highly mixed. It was annoying that I had my usual routine disrupted. It was awesome watching the TV, and seeing something scientifically that was never done before. I also had memories of a speculative children's book written before anyone had doen this, on how it might be done. I was amused at how much the book got wrong (no concept of actual travel time presented, the idea that people would have to orbit a space station and in intermediate stop/base for mone travel, etc). Overall, though, I was most impressed by the rockets themselves.

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    Well Dan they stopped the class work at my school and turned on the Black and White cathode ray tube TV for us 11 yr olds to watch in pixelated glory.
    Wow it was good.

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