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Thread: Happy Moon Launch Day!

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    Default Happy Moon Launch Day!

    I know where I was! Hanging onto every news report, July 16, 1969, yeah baby!

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    I don't remember where I was. Maybe at school watching it on TV.
    I do know I have a lot a newspaper clippings in a scrapbook (somewhere) of the mission.

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    I was eight when this was going on, don't recall much of it now but know I was dragged out of bed to watch the landings.
    Interesting watching the TV shows now with their access to all the archive stuff that we would not have necessarily seen or heard at the time.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Cant remember much about the launch but vividly remember the landing.
    I was sitting in my car with the radio on & just sat & listened for about half an hour.
    It seems like only yesterday.

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    I vaguely remember the landing - being parked in front of the TV and told to watch, it being a really important thing.

    I had no idea why...........I was 3, and the most important thing was my toy police car!

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    And Michael Collins got to be back at the Kennedy Space Center for the 50th Anniversary:

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    We were on vacation in Vernon, BC at the time.
    Don’t remember the launch but we watched the landing on a little B&W TV in the motel office.

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    I was glued to the TV for the launch. Saturn Vs didn’t just race into space, they had drama, power, majesty. Ignition didn’t send it rocketing away, it only started inching up, gradually, so you had to yell, “Go, go, go!” to urge it on. It took a few seconds for it to overcome inertia as the engine ramped up, then rose on a column of fire, with the air rippling.

    And yup, was there for the first step, glued to the TV. I had to hurry home from some high school function (I forget what), as my friend raced down the street to get us home, and missed the actual touchdown.

    My mother had the foresight to save the newspaper the next day. Still have it.

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    "we came in peace, for all mankind"

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    That was impressive and inspiring for humanity along with a great propaganda effect on the Third World countries. They were supposed to admire what capitalistic country could achieve.
    Hard to overestimate effect.
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    I was at work on the day of the landing and remember watching some of it on a display tv in a store I visited. Certainly was inspiring.

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