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    Just a heads up at this stage.We have been invited to put on a participation game of Wings of Glory at Yeovil Model Show. This is a repeat of the event held earlier this year.
    Date: 26th October 2019
    Time: One day event from 10.00am to 4.00pm
    Venue - Bucklers Mead Acadamy & LED Leisure, Yeovil BA21 4NH.

    Its early days I know, but if you think you could attend let me know and I'll go ahead and fill in their application form.



    PS Its now on the calendar

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    Apologies all, Ken from YMS did email me but I’ve been so caught up in other stuff I completely forgot to post here to gauge interest.

    Unfortunately I already have other commitments around then, so can’t be in attendance myself. Thank you Mike for stepping up and offering to coordinate, appreciated.

    - Neil.

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    I'll confirm one way or the other nearer the time.

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    Cheers Tim. No Prob Neil - pity you cannot make it. I'll whack in the application form and see what happens

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    Hi Mike,
    I have put this in diary and expect to be available


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    Cheers Rob. Bye the way, I completely forgot to hand back your book via Dave. Sorry. He did mention he was going to be seeing you! I'll bring it along to the next Yeovil show, unless you'd like to PM me your address, in which case I'll post it. Thanks for that. It was a good read - and I have another one for you to read in exchange
    Chau for now,

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    I might be able to make it but will let you know nearer the date.

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    Would be good to meet up Don

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    Just a heads up.

    The application form has gone in - I just went for the three 2' x 4' tables that were on offer and said we'd provide a WW1 participation game. That isn't in tablets of stone if someone wants to do something different, but I'll bring along the WW1 kit if nobody advises otherwise.
    There are five wristbands available and so far the replies / possibles I know about are Tim, Rob, Don and myself.

    I'll add to this thread again nearer the time, when hopefully everyone will have a better idea of whether or not they can commit.

    Chau for now,

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    Good man.
    Keep up the good work Flight Leader.

    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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