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Thread: OTTDYM Mission7 Dit Fromage - 19th February 1916 - by Tikkifriend

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    Default OTTDYM Mission7 Dit Fromage - 19th February 1916 - by Tikkifriend

    Lt P Henry DH2 N

    2ndLt Jonty Pierce DH2 P

    Lt Timmy Harper DH2 K

    Lt Quentin Marsh DH2 O

    S/Lt JP Bedhard Nuieport (Ace Sharp eyes)

    S/Lt G Bordeaux DH4 Tricol

    Central Powers

    Ltn F Koch E111 M

    Ltn K Shafer E111 Stripe

    Ltn W Thomas E111 Blue

    Ltn H Barnekow E111 Camo

    Obltn P Degenhardt P (Strong Con)
    Ltn E Vogel O Roland CII Blue

    Ltn Hans Wiese P
    Ltn E Cammann O Roland CII Purple

    Ltn Hans Dorrf P
    Ltn Frank Clauss O Aviatik CII

    All of the squadron were out on patrol even Guy Bordeaux after his enforced grounding. Wing Co had approved the modification of Guys DH2 and he was now flying as Bedard's wing man.
    . A series of red flares lit the dawn sky. Harper as flight leader waggled his wings . Henry and Pierce peeled off.
    Waiting a minute or so he gave the nod to the 2 musketeers as they had been dubbed. They obliged and turned towards the Fort. That left himself and the newby Marsh. Best keep him back for the first few minutes of the scrap. Another nod and Marsh fell in above and behind his wingman

    Shafer had hardly got to meet the new boys flying today but he hoped they would all be up to the task in hand. The RFC had hit the Jasta hard in terms of casualties , especially the French pilot in a new Nieuport flying for the Bulldogs Weather conditions dictated that that the Rolands fly lower than would be normal risking fire from the ground AAMG posts but they were assured that there were no RFC scouts in the area
    Dipping below the clouds the Fort quickly came into view.

    Thomas and Barnekow were the escort for the Rolands.

    Shafer and Koch were acting as shotgun about a mile behind with the slower Aviatik

    Suddenly the sky ahead lit up with red flares. “Spotted “cursed Thomas. The Rolands dropped extremely low to get the best shots in the least time. A risk but one they had been told to take.

    Degenhardt flew directly over the Fort, Vogel reloading the cameras glass plates with well rehearsed precision. Bullets thudded into the Rolands tail from the AAMG below.

    More rounds followed but to no visible effect. Flying straight and level allowed Vogel to get the photos of the Northern section that was required.

    Weise guided the second Roland East and out of the fire of the Fort. Cammann snapped away unhindered.
    Thomas kept scanning the horizon for enemy scouts but so far he had seen nothing. The Rolands began to turn back for their final passes

    Pierce and Henry arrived high and behind the Rolands as they turned for a final pass.

    Henry could see the tails of 2 enemy scouts at the same altitude. Pulling the lever he cocked his Lewis and dived at Wiess plane. Pierce's shots whizzed passed Barnekow to no effect

    Thomas Immelled and Barnekow turned to meet the incoming DH2s The Rolands continued to take the vital photographs. Shafer and Koch throttled up to join the dogfight. Vogel saw a AAMG tracer hit the wing as he took another frame. Suddenly he saw a flame erupt from the fuel line and the engine stutter, the prop almost coming to a standstill (2+eng,2+fire)

    The Aviatik snapped a high shot before turning for home .

    The blue Roland was taking quite a hammering from the Forts AA guns.

    Bedard and Bordeaux came out of the east, the sun behind them.


    Bedard has his sights on the escaping Roland and started to lose height.

    Bordeaux fired a burst at long range at the grey E111,followed up by a shot at Thomas (1)

    Switching to the Aviatik he saw smoke gush from its engine before his guns jammed.

    Pierce climbed to meet Thomas on his terms. Rounds flew past his wings

    Shafer caught the glint of the enemy scout in the corner of his eye

    “ French markings “ he noted as he turned towards them.

    A fatal move as Bordeaux riddled his fuel tank with hot rounds

    The blue Roland took another pounding from the Forts AAMG and a burst from Bedard finished it off.

    Kill JP
    Barnekow got a DH2 in his sights. Fabric and struts were torn away.

    Harper and Marsh arrived to find a swirling mass of allied and enemy planes. With 2 E.IIIs directly in front of the 2 DH2s evasive action was required to avoid a collision.

    Bedard followed the second Roland hoping to catch him before he escaped over his lines. His wingman tried to free his guns.

    Koch saw a RFC scout flash by. Turning to port he saw a second plane and fired watching the bullets strike the fuselage of Harper's plane (3)

    Thomas felt his foot go slack as his rudder took damage from Pierce

    Henry and Bedard where still trying to catch Wiese but the faster 2 seater hugged the ground and made it to its lines.

    Bordeaux was after the Aviatik and did not notice Thomas behind him till the tracers went over his head.

    All the scouts were engaged in dogfights with no chance to break off and protect the Aviatik. Thomas was clipped as he turned (1) Koch hit Marsh as they hurtled towards each other.

    It was now a free for all The RFC scouts outnumbered the Eagles and Squadron honour demanded they bring home as many kills as they could.
    Bordeaux continued his attack of the Aviatik

    Bedard and Henry turned back towards the fray.climbing as best they could.
    Till Bedard got a parting shot at the Aviatik

    With the Aviatik on its way home but harassed by the RFC. Clauss his job as photographer done opened up at an approaching enemy plane , He heard a dull click as his gun jammed.
    Thomas flew shotgun for the slow seater firing at the French DH2 clipping its wing

    The rest of the Jasta took on the RFC scouts

    Barnekows bullets tore into Pierce his rudder taking the majority of the damage. His guns targeted on the hapless DH2 a second burst finished of Pierce and his plane spiralled down leaving a trail of smoke

    kill Barnekow.

    Marsh suffered next at the hands of Koch flames edging their way towards his cockpit.

    Quentin Marsh had always had a fear of flames . He remembered what he had been taught at flying school and started to bank.. Barnekow had anticipated the move and finished him off with a long burst.

    Kill Barnekow

    Bedard saw Shafer pounce on his wingman and waited till the last possible moment before shredding the E111s tail

    Shafer snapped a shot off at Bedard as he climbed pinging a strut (1) Bordeaux was too close to return the favour on Shafer.

    A tight turn from Shafer and he had Bordeaux in his cross hairs. Flames rose from the DH2s engine

    . The next salvo missed completely. But with Bedard on his tail Shafer was forced to break off the attack. Bedard got his chance and fired.

    To the east of the Fort Koch s guns jammed at the most inopportune moment.. Barnekow was hunting Tim Harper, who was desperate to escape the 2 German scouts. A burst hit Barnekow as Harper tried to squeeze between the 2 planes

    Shafer was too damaged to continue and made for home He signaled to Thomas to follow him. Henry was close and tried to cut Shafer off , only to have his oil pipe sliced from rounds fired by Shafer before he escaped.

    Barnekow followed Harper as he headed north, but his shots fell short.

    Bordeaux limped back to base with Bedard covering his tail.

    The low clouds started to drift away revealing the burning wreckage of the shot down planes surrounded by French troops. But had the Germans got enough photos for the attack?



    2Lt Paul Henry DH2 N RTB 0 kills

    2Lt 'Jonty' Pierce DH2 P SD /FT 0 kills
    Rolled 3 -1SD = KIA

    Lt Timmy Harper DH2 K RTB

    2Lt Quentin Marsh DH2 O SD /FLM/FT 0 kills
    Rolled 8 -2FLM = 6 - Injured - Skip 1D3 Scenarios. Rolled 2 = Skip 1

    S/Lt JP Bedard Nieuport (Ace Sharp eyes) RTB 1 Kill

    S/Lt G Bordeaux DH4 Tricol RTB 0 kills

    Central Powers

    Ltn Freidrich Koch E.III M RTB 0 kills

    Ltn Karl Schäfer E.III Stripe RTB 0 kills

    Ltn W Thomas E.III Blue RTB 0 kills

    Ltn H Barnekow E111 Camo RTB 2 Kills

    Obltn P Degenhardt P (Strong Con) SD-FLM-NML 0 kills
    Rolled 7 -2FLM -1NML = 4 - Injured - Skip 1D6 Scenarios. Rolled 6 = Skip 6
    E&E: Rolled 6 -1FLM -1WIC +1NML = 5 In hiding! - Skip 1D2 Scenarios, Rolled 4 = skip 2. Total Skips 6

    Ltn E Vogel O Roland CII Blue SD-FLM-NML 0 kills
    Rolled 6 -2FLM -1NML = 3 - Injured - Skip 1D6 Scenarios. Rolled 4 = Skip 4
    E&E: Rolled 6 -1FLM -1WIC +1NML = 4 - Captured and escaped! - Skip 1D3 Scenarios. Rolled 6 = Skip 3. Total Skips 4

    Ltn Hans Wiese P RTB
    Ltn E Cammann O Roland CII Purple RTB 8 photos.

    Ltn Hans Dorrf P
    Ltn Frank Clauss O Aviatik CII RTB 1 Photo

    Central Powers
    Photo scores are as follows . Compass shots 9.

    Fort shots lost when Bedard shot down Obltn P Degenhardt
    Kills 2
    Total 11 VP.


    1 2 seater for 2 points
    Total 2 points but saved a potential extra 16 points to the Germans with the other Roland going down.

    PS The planes were spotted on turn 4 by which time the Fort had been photoed and the planes were about to head home.
    Flying low over or near the Fort meant you got a ton of lead thrown at you but you got the mission objective quicker.
    Bedard did a Gary Lineker goal hanger and got the 2 seater after the majority of work was done by the AAMG

    Man of the match Ltn H Barnekow 2 kills and hardly a scratch
    Jammy Dodger Ltn K Shafer flew home on an elastoplast.
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    Nice report, but i do have a question-was Degenhardt/Vogel's Roland in NML when it was shot down?

    Good job on keeping up on all the action, though: rep gun jammed.
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    Love the tricolour planes - they should automatically get 1 'kill' per game just for looking so cool.

    But watch out for that Barnekow. Stay clear of his guns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zenlizard View Post
    Nice report, but i do have a question-was Degenhardt/Vogel's Roland in NML when it was shot down?

    Good job on keeping up on all the action, though: rep gun jammed.
    Benefit of the doubt NML

    I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
    Coming down is the hardest thing

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    Excellent romp Paul, some lively action over the fort & some gaily painted machines !
    Re-ordered a couple of pics of the photo run and wondered if there were some others out of line as the text did not always seem to match the pics, didn't detract from the enjoyment of the game though !

    Oncle says:

    Merde ! We lost Jonty and one of the recon birds flew away - something is afoot, we must prepare ourselves mes amis but before we do we should celebrate JP's victory

    Need a fresh pilot to replace Jonty Pierce Paul - PM me a name
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    "He is wise who watches"

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    Thumbs up

    Well that was a real Furball Paul! Flamers galore
    Very hard to kill those photographic 2 seaters when you arrive so late.
    Damn good effort to get one of them mate.
    Rep Inbound.

    "Its a fine line indeed between going out in a Blaze of Glory or having Crashed & Burnt!"
    Member Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians

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    Been waiting for the final tally before posting.
    Too bad about Pierce, but other than that a pretty good day for your Bouledogues Francais.
    Well, except for the point score, maybe ...

    Still writing mine - about half way through.
    Even culling quite a few photo taking photos there are still a lot to work through.

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    A fast and furious game but the stars of the report are your planes, they look great, especially the tricolor ones but the E111's are very nice as well.

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    Lovely aircraft Paul Congratulations to Lt Bedard on a fine piece of work. Commiserations on the loss of Jonty Pierce. Shame that one. Not a bad result all told, although the enemy escaping with so many photos of the fort may prove costly for its occupants, in the not too distant future
    Nice report and some great pics of the action - really enjoyed that one. Rep inbound

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    C est La Guerre but the rep makes the Mess a happier place . Se you at Donnie for a BSG game.

    I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
    Coming down is the hardest thing

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    Every game you seem to fly different early war planes. They're great! Sad to see Jonty bite the dust.

    Another set of valuable photos taken by the bloody Hun! Their next offensive I fear is going to be terrible.

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    Thanks for noticing the planes Peter.
    Jonty will be missed but there are more daring young men waiting to replace him.

    I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
    Coming down is the hardest thing

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