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    Book Title:
    Combat Over The Trenches
    Chris Clarke
    Paperback and Hardback
    'Father of the Flying Corps' and 'Father of Australian Aviation' were two of the unofficial titles conferred on Oswald ("Toby") Watt when he died in tragic circumstances shortly after the end of the First World War.
    An independently wealthy young man he'd become one of the first Australians to qualify as a pilot in 1911; spent the first 18 months of the war with the Aeronautique Militaire, before arranging a transfer to the Australian Imperial Force. Already an experienced combat pilot, he rose quickly through the ranks of the AFC, becoming a squadron leader and leading his unit at the battle of Cambrai, then commander of No 1 Training Wing with the senior AFC rank of lieutenant colonel.
    The book deals with his full story, in quite some detail, and that of his ancestors rather than just his wartime adventures so may not be for all

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    You don't often see a DH5 on a book cover!

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