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Thread: WTB Some Hard to Find Aircraft

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    Hi All,

    After a couple year break from the game, I am done with school and I now want to begin to rebuild a collection similar but smaller to the one I sold off near the beginning of my college experience. I am specifically looking for two Fokker Dr.1s that I used consistently, the ever elusive Wings of Glory Hans Kirchstein, and the hopefully easier to obtain Series 1 MVR (Not the duel pack one, or the one being released now, but the full red one with the white boxes around the iron cross). If any of you have extras that you're willing to sell to me, it would mean a lot, and it would help get my involvement in the game back off the ground. I would prefer U.S. based, so shipping does not become prohibitively expensive.


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    The MvR red Dr.1 has recently been reprinted Elijah - with correct markings for his final machine - checkout the Aerodrome Store.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    I saw, but I'm still partial to the older, less historically accurate version. If I can't find one though, I may settle for the newer one. Definitely planning to order some new aircraft from the aerodrome store regardless


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    I may know a guy . . . see page 6 on my Clipper's List, I think there are still some on Hunter's list.

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    Thank you David, PM sent your way!

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