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    Default How Many ?!

    Most pilots ever online was 3,845, 07-08-2019 at 08:49.

    So what was happening a couple of days ago ?

    "He is wise who watches"

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    I probably logged on half of those.

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    Lots of bots?
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    I am back and forth multiple times each day - if it counts each time I go to the website, then I am certainly helping to inflate the numbers...

    All the best,

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    It must have been to look at my pic of the DAF Spitfire!

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    Sorry Barry it was the Jasta 6 pictures that stunned and amazed everyone.

    Here's to them what are like us. Damn few and they're all dead.

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    I am affraid most of them were based at Sankt Petersburg Troll base.
    Sorry to say that, but the site was hacked once and many evil people directed from even more evil ones from M. look for Western www sites to destroy.
    Timothy Snyder's "The Road to Unfreedom" holds some clues.
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    I get on the site at least once a day so I know I was of that number.

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    I’m on several times a day - need multiple fixes to get through the day

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    Just noticed that it was up over 8000 on August 16th...our popularity continues to grow!

    All the best,

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    Or someones hiding something on our site...

    "He is wise who watches"

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    So this is from a buddy of mine, who, shall we say, is experienced in counter hacking:

    ”I’d keep an eye on it. I’d also look at what info is in your site profile esp what email you have there. Typically east Europe and Russia are focused on financial crimes. Either ID theft, targeting for ransom ware, etc. If there’s a site with lots of use, it becomes a source of targeting info.

    Whatever email you use could see phishing emails coming to it. Content (bait) is getting better so don’t expect it to have crappy grammar or typos. I’d also make sure the site admins clarify why the spike in use, where it’s from, etc”

    Just food for thought...

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    Up over 14K yesterday afternoon... Your friend could well be right, Joe...

    All the best,

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    With 274 active pilots its unimaginable that those numbers would be reached. Must be a hacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teaticket View Post
    With 274 active pilots its unimaginable that those numbers would be reached. Must be a hacking.
    With 274 active pilots, each pilot had to be on and off 53 times.

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    Maybe Eastern European are get to starting buying into this game.


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