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Thread: Entoyment - Game Day 17th August 2019

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    Default Entoyment - Game Day 17th August 2019

    Just a heads up for chaps in the area that together with Tim (Flying Helmut) I have arranged to put on a WoG game day at Entoyment, Poole so if you are about on Saturday 17th August 2019 with time to spare then please come and join us for a game or two of WoG WW1. We should be up and running by ten if not before and we'll finish when we've had enough or properly need feeding !

    This event was requested by Peter Valinski who owns & runs Entoyment - it coincides with their 'Demo Day' when they open the tables to demo all sorts of games and it marks the third anniversary of the loss of our Dorset Flight Leader & wingman Mick Owen a regular at Entoyment.
    Please come and support us if you can and prick a sausage or two !

    Hopefully Pete will have got a resupply of WoG kit by then too.
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    Kickstarter rewards should definitely have arrived by then, and I’m free, so would they like a second table of ‘Pods action?

    Regardless, I will make it down to be an extra pair of hands.

    - Neil.

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    It'll be good to have you there Neil - not sure if he has spare demo table but I will ask him, though he's not carrying Tripods last we spoke, he can supply the planes !

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Happy to bring everything just in case. You never know, maybe seeing them in the flesh might persuade him to stock them

    - Neil.

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    Aah, I'm afraid I'm already down for a family weekend then. Have fun and hopefully next time I'll be there.

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    Sorry to hear that Mike, maybe next time.

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    In the diary Dave

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    Week to go chaps - hope you can all make it still, I'm told there's quite a bit of interest.

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    I'm coming Dave, do you need me to bring anything?

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    Well if Tim's coming probably not Rob but bring a favourite if you like.

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    Yep, still planning to be there. Aiming to arrive sometime between 9 and 10, traffic permitting.

    - Neil.

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    It looks like there will be four of us chaps to run this thing - me, Tim, Rob & Neil, it won't affect most of you but we can get in from half eight if we want through the door beside the main entrance - shop opens to public at ten.
    We may or may not need more balloons so if you have one bring it along for the ride in case we do, and bring along something with rockets if you think you're hard enough !

    "He is wise who watches"

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    No balloons I'm afraid, but I do seem to have some rocket equipped planes however...

    See you tomorrow.

    - Neil.

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    Will bring a balloon

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    Nice one lads - see you in't morning !

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    Have a good one chaps.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Thanks Rob, it should be a laugh.

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    Have a good day and some exciting games!

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    All that fun and sponsored by a stockist that carries lots of new toys.... the latter sorely missing up in t’north

    Never Knowingly Undergunned !!

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    Entoyment had some series 1 reprints - note use of past tense there .... They will be ordering more !
    They also have mats as well as some WW2 stock & the WGF RAP for those who claim no one has them...

    Thanks to all who came to support - sadly not as many punters as we would have hoped but that just meant more planes for us ! I will post some pics at some point.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Was a fun day indeed!

    As usual, photos can be found on Flickr.

    Highlight of the day, though possibly only for everyone else at the table, was seeing Dave manage to have a collision between the two planes he was controlling! Given the size of the table, this was quite an achievement! He did manage to survive however and even got a shot off.

    - Neil.

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    Thanks for running the games yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon of dogfighting. Look forward to the next one.

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    Glad to see everything come off smoothly! Has Entoyment offered you that part-time job yet, Dave?!

    Looking forward to more pictures and more flying there in the future - wish you all weren't so far away!

    All the best,

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    Greatly enjoyed the day Dave, thank you, Roll on the next meet up

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    I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
    Coming down is the hardest thing

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    Took a few pics of the day.
    Set up - me, Rob and Tim all arrived with minutes of each other and to our surprise got an 18' table to settle down on - here we are clustered at the far end !
    Name:  SAM_1101.JPG
Views: 119
Size:  210.0 KB

    Tim hit the shelves early - can never have enough !
    Name:  SAM_1104.JPG
Views: 90
Size:  186.8 KB

    We kick off, four balloons in play
    Name:  SAM_1105.JPG
Views: 100
Size:  209.6 KB

    Rob flying the Blau Maus opens his account - he was up against two on his own so that evened things out a bit
    Name:  SAM_1107.JPG
Views: 100
Size:  228.1 KB

    But eventually his balloon went down (missed that pic) as did a couple others !
    Name:  SAM_1108.JPG
Views: 121
Size:  222.7 KB Name:  SAM_1109.JPG
Views: 99
Size:  219.4 KBThis was Alex's (Podromoi) I believe

    I bagged Neil - or is that de-bagged !
    Name:  SAM_1110.JPG
Views: 104
Size:  190.5 KB

    And Alex fell to Nick
    Name:  SAM_1111.JPG
Views: 99
Size:  201.2 KB

    I fell to Tim - an earlier collision doing most of the damage
    Name:  SAM_1112.JPG
Views: 99
Size:  220.4 KB

    Rob fell
    Name:  SAM_1114.JPG
Views: 107
Size:  201.2 KB

    I was avenged by Nick who did for Tim with a second wound
    Name:  SAM_1113.JPG
Views: 112
Size:  223.2 KB

    Leaving the Entoyment regulars to squabble over the glory...
    Name:  SAM_1115.JPG
Views: 103
Size:  200.9 KB

    And in spite of Nick's best efforts The Tommy's downed the final balloon and won the day !
    Name:  SAM_1118.JPG
Views: 97
Size:  229.6 KB

    The second couple of games were Recon intercepts
    I nicked a kill from under Tim's nose & bagged the second to secure victory from the Hun
    Name:  SAM_1119.JPG
Views: 110
Size:  206.5 KB Name:  SAM_1120.JPG
Views: 100
Size:  240.3 KB

    I survived the fire and had one point of damage left so promptly ran away !

    The second game involved the German recon being intercepted...
    Name:  SAM_1124.JPG
Views: 100
Size:  226.0 KB

    In spite of colliding with my own machines I still managed to finish Neil off ...again
    Losing one of the Camel's to Andy's Razor as he piled in
    Name:  SAM_1125.JPG
Views: 122
Size:  227.8 KB

    My second Camel was taken out by Andy as I was trying to intercept an escaping Hannover - both got away having given the SE's a drubbing. All good fun, some laughs, some shopping - think we all bought more than one model !
    Thanks again everyone

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Thanks again chaps for the very enjoyable day of flying.

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    That looks like a lot of fun was had by all Sad to have missed it, but I suspect there will be plenty of other opportunities. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks to all or flyers - a fun day indeed!

    As pictured above, I managed to die (literally!) from only two long-range shots; both were pilot wounds.

    Quote Originally Posted by NeilCFord View Post

    My high point of the day - My Pfalz D.XII savaging both RE8s - I hit the left-hand one for a wound card, which hit both pilot and observer (no return fire), then slipped into the blind spot of the right-hand RE8 and hit it for 2 x 'A' cards, then 2 more @ +1; then tailed him for another 2 @ +1!
    It was all going swimmingly until I overlapped him, and Dave popped off the remaining 1 damage point to steal my kill!

    I hope to post pictures of my own (and 4 other game events recently attended!) if I get the time.

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