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Thread: Flying tigers and Pacific campaign ( french/English)

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    Default Flying tigers and Pacific campaign ( french/English)

    After our WWI campaign I'm launching a WWII one in CBI and Pacific.

    First episode:the Flying Tigers
    We are 11 pilotes .
    Each player's got a japanese pilote and a Flying tiger pilote. Like that I can manage the missions with the availability of the players.

    The background and the rules

    The first AAr of our campaign.( It's in french sorry)

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    Great campaign !

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    Although my interest is not the Far Eastern theatre, that campaign looks as though it has some legs on it. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures Fox.
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    Second AAR

    Lady of the Tropics (google traduction)

    Following her visit to Rangoon Airfield as part of the USO *, actress Hedy Lamar * travels back to her Dakota to continue her tour.

    Flying Tigers
    X P40 (1 less than the Japanese) and 1 dakota.
    Flying tigers must protect the C47 to allow it to reach its destination.
    X Hayabusa Oscars
    The Oscars must destroy the c47. The death of actress Hedy lamar will certainly demoralize the AVG pilots.
    If Hedy Lamar dies, all Japanese pilots win 5 more pts
    If it survives, all US pilots earn 5 more pts

    Hedy Lamar missing !!, as well as the crew of the C47 aboard which she was.
    The Dakota failed to resist the over-attack of 4 Falcons of the 64th Sentai.
    The P40 of the escort have come down 2 Oscars but the lack of communication and the inexperience of a rookie precipitated the events. After an endless pursuit, the Japanese finally shot the C47 just before it reached its destination.

    At the launch of D20 the tigers are left with a rookie pilot . I say that it starts badly for my scenario, since the Japanese will be one against one and the Oscars are a little weaker than the P40.The following will contradict me ....

    The P40 escorts the C47 when 4 Falcons appear, two at 10 o'clock and two others at 3 o'clock.
    The P40 separate and go to meet their opponents.
    First pass and first shots. Fox and the rookie face Tama goshi and Hitaré . Performing an immelman Fox finds himself in the tail of Tama goshi. This one takes burst on burst but after some maneuvers, will escape its pursuer.
    On their side Mann and Danny face Taniké and koku. Koku will take a motor trap that will prevent him from continuing the C47 for the rest of the fight.
    Taking advantage of the inattention and the lack of coordination of 3 of the P40 pilots in their pursuit (collisions on collision characterized maneuvers Mann, Fox and blue) Taniké and Oku launch in pursuit of the Dakota, while Danny and Goshi compete in dogfight.
    The Oscars catch up with Dak after a few laps and this one, at the beginning, does not take too much damage to the great despair of Oku who wonders if he is not going to do seppuku in the sky.Oku does not believe in his Karma.
    Yet ....... with successive shots and the accumulation of damage, the C47 is in bad shape and it is only at the very last lap that it will crash to the delight of our 2 Japanese pilotes.
    Danny will defeat Goshi who, his zinc out of control, jump in parachute. In spite of a strong resistance it will be made prisoner by the Chinese just to escape immediately.
    Teniké Koku will have less luck, he will finish, his parachute in torch, in the jaws of the carnivores ...
    Flying Tigers, discouraged and demoralized will then return to the fold.
    The Japanese survivors will celebrate this victory with sake, while honoring their dead and missing.
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    Tres bien jouer Reynard
    il y a encore de scenarios ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tikkifriend View Post
    Tres bien jouer Reynard
    il y a encore de scenarios ?
    Thank you
    For the moment I have 20 scenarios under the elbow( french expression)
    The next one when I'll be back from holidays
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    I love your pictures. How did you take them and what filters did you use to get those effects.

    J'aime tes photos. Comment les avez-vous pris et quels filtres avez-vous utilisés pour obtenir ces effets?

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    Thank you
    I use paintshop to work on the pictures ,Itake them with a simple camera.

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    Third mission
    Sittang Bridge

    he Battle of Sittang Bridge( google translation)
    The battle took place between 19 and 23 February 1942, and ended with a victory for Japan, with many losses for the British army, which was forced to retreat.
    The Sittang Bridge was a railway bridge crossing the Sittang River (now Sittaung) several hundred meters near the southern coast of Burma.
    The weakened 17th Indian Infantry Division by the Battle of Bilin retreats and is ordered to retreat through Sittang on February 19th.
    Under cover of the night the division folds west (50 km) along the track leading to the bridge.
    The 214th and 215th Japanese regiments advanced, with the aim of stopping the British forces at Sittang.
    Before the rapid advance of the Japanese and the risk of losing the bridge leading to Rangoon, the British command decided to blow the bridge despite the presence of British soldiers on the other side of it.

    The Sittang Bridge is 15pts of structure and is in the second third of the most easterly terrain possible.
    The Japanese enter from the east.
    Tigers enter from the west.

    Flying Tigers
    The British sappers could not blow the bridge. You are in charge of destroying this one before the arrival of the Japanese troops.
    You are approaching the bridge when 3 Oscars arise.
    One of you does not have bombs and takes care of the blanket.
    P40s with bombs can not make immelman or split S
    You must at all costs prevent the tigers from blowing up the bridge.

    Victory of the Japanese empire!
    As usual thank you to the players for my scenarios Smile
    The bridge is not destroyed and the Japanese took Rangoon earlier than in historical reality. Smile
    Despite two efficient passages the bridge is practically intact.
    Led by Nathan Campbell (Guillaume) the tigers faced Akemi Rohasaké's Oscars.

    In a first pass, two P40s (Wild Bill Kelso, Sean Mc Guire) rush at the target but hinder each other and can not drop their eggs.
    Campbell aligns the bridge in its viewfinder and drops its bombs, the bridge cash the equivalent of half of its points of structures.

    Campbell then takes a win with Gutterman's help on Tama Goshi who, for the second time, parachutes. Still 4 jumps and it will be patented para Very Happy

    Mcguire returns to the bridge to drop his bombs but ......... does very little damage.
    Pursued by Tomio Harachi, he must also evacuate his zinc under the blows of the Japanese.
    a victory for the empire!
    Wild Bill Kelso returns to bomb the bridge but takes his turn too dry and can not drop his bombs. Bad in points under the balls of the Japs, he must leave the fight with his bombs hung under the fuselage. protected by Gutterman and Campbell. The tigers have to leave the fight, their mission has failed.

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