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    Default Promotional 33 Campaign

    Ares Games started a promotional campaign based on the 33 episode. First game session at UK Games Expo, 35 players, Cylon victory. Second episode at Origins, USA.
    Here some details:

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    Unfortunately I was running another game when this was going on. It was a massive game, very well attended. I was a bit busy so I didn't take any photos of this event.

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    I believe there were 35 participants at the Origins event, too Everyone was having a good time, with the table snaking its way through the Ares booth. Unfortunately I didn't snap any pictures, but the players were having a wonderful time! And the logbooks and special cards participants received at the end were a nice touch...

    It was a great way to generate interest in another great product - we ran four BSG games over the course of the convention, in addition to the Ares folks running the 33 Event, and everyone was really jazzed to play an innovative game system that replicates the TV show very nicely

    All the best,

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    Roberto Di Meglio said officially 36!
    Added to The Largest BSG:SB gGame Ever record:

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    I won't have enough ships to do this at PhenomaCon, but I could try for a side mission?

    PhenomaCon - Board Games (Scroll down)

    I am going to try to build a paper version of a Mk.I Shuttle as part of the game.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Colonial-Shuttle-Blatt-2_25.jpg 
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    (No, it won't end up being this detailed when I'm done)

    Regardless, there will be proto-types of the Heavy Raider and the Raptor to assist.
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    An asteroid field. A decoy ship with a dodgy ftl drive that can't keep up with the fleet. Clapped out Vipers not even good for spare parts.

    They Were Expendable: a scenario where keeping the Cylons occupied for a while and taking as many out as you can before you have to eject is the best that can be hoped for.

    A SAR Raptor is on it's way though. Can the Colonials keep the Cylons off long enough for it to rescue the ejected pilots?

    Join the special episode of our 33 Campaign at WINTERCON 2019 in Canberra, get exclusive prizes, and be the first to play with a pre-release official Raptor model!

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    It was a neat experience for those involved in it at Origins last month, Zoe - I imagine the same will be true at Wintercon... Glad to see you all getting some BSG Love soon...

    All the best,

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    Looks like we will also have a 16 player game as part of the 33 campaign at GAMMA CON, 2 weeks after Wintercon.

    This is a cosplay/comics/media convention, including SF or TV based tabletop games. Unlike Wintercon, there is a $50 fee for visitors.

    I just got the confirmation of tables reserved a few minutes ago.

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    Planning to run a series of games at York, Vapnartak Show, Feb 2020.

    Any chance the results could be added to the campaign?
    See you on the Dark Side......

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