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  • Yes, of course, my balloons can't stay "naked".

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  • No, I did not. I want to have them universal.

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  • I dont have them, can't say.

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Thread: Did You Apply Balloon Decals?

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    Question Did You Apply Balloon Decals?

    I guess I'm one of few players who applied decals on my balloons. Are you using them at let you them clear to be universal ones?


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    Yep. Marked mine just like Daniels.

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    Nup, mine are untouched by decals - that way they can bat for both sides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biggles downunder View Post
    Nup, mine are untouched by decals - that way they can bat for both sides.
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    Some are decaled. The obvious ones like the yellow. One or two are left so as to double for either side. Also the two shot down burning ones are undecaled for obvious reasons. Best or worst of all worlds really.
    Now a question to my American cousins. Did the American Expeditionary Force decal their balloons?
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Undecaled for now. If I get two more I will decal one of each colour

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    I dont have any balloons but made my own, I used masking tape cut to the right size and painted the national symbol on the tape.
    It means I can easily remove it but it needs replacing when the stickiness wears off and it's a bit thick.

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    I brought the brown one waaay back when originally released & decaled it as a German.
    When I was lucky enough to win the Yellow one in a Forum Raffle I left it plain so I can use it as either.
    I also re decaled the Nieuport from the original one with British decals.

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    I did not apply the decals because I wanted to be able to use them with any nation.

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    Haven't applied them - yet.
    I wanted to repaint the balloons first, but haven't got around to it yet

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    I have one German and one Brit, both are decaled.

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    Same here.
    Voilŗ le soleil d'Austerlitz!

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    Nope, I left my decals off the one balloon I was privileged to pay way too much for. Like others, I want to use it for whatever nation has the balloon in the scenario.

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    I only have one of the brown balloons and I have used the decals. Top of my wish list is a yellow balloon, which I would apply the British decals to. Obviously need a balloon first... the wait for reprints has been interminable

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    Yes, the wait for the mythological balloon reprint has been very trying!!!! Be nice if they would actually announce if it is still happening or not.

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    All my balloons are virgins. Well thats what my Dad told me

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