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Thread: Warfare 2019: November 16 & 17, Reading

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    Default Warfare 2019: November 16 & 17, Reading

    Rivermead Leisure Centre
    Richfield Ave
    RG1 8EQ

    The Drome normally has a presence at Warfare, which in the past Chris (Boney10) has coordinated. However Chris isnít definitely going to be able to make it this year and unfortunately the same looks to be true for myself, so we need a volunteer to organise things if we are to have a table (or tables) in November.

    Any takers? Appreciate that this is six months away, but With a show this popular we need to express interest sooner rather than later.

    - Neil.

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    Cannot say at this time Neil. I'll try and make it, but shall wait for some time before commiting. If I can make it, I'm happy to provide all the kit. Meanwhile its in the diary.

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    Sorry, coming back from Iceland on the 17th so cannot help. (Go to Warfare every year, so p***-poor planning on my part )
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    I am available, but only a veteran of 4 shows so far. I can definitely attend and am willing to volunteer if needed. I have enough planes etc.

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    It would appear the contact email address is Probably just need to ping them an email saying we'd like our normal table please and see what they say. I’m assuming the proposal is just to do Wings unless someone else is stepping up to do Sails?

    - Neil.

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    Will look forward to it

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    Might be able to do one day - will have to see, fractionally closer that it used to be.

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