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    This looks to be a neat epic documentary on the B-17 in theatres May 23. Google it and check it out! Can't get the link to copy . . .

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    Here's the trailer

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    Thank you for the 'heads up', David.

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    Cool! Is it for wide release?

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    Saw that the other day David. Joe it is like the last WWI film just a 1 day thing.

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    Well, maybe it will make onto Netflix.

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    man, that m1 helmet at 1:16. its heart rending.

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    Just saw that the Cold Blue is playing in my area this Thursday. Something to go see.

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    Here’s the HBO trailer for Cold Blue - different to the one above.
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    So saw this last night at the theatre, big screen is a must! Very interesting, personal and gripping. Any one else? Digitized reconstruction of the original video was amazing! Meeting the flight crews in their 90's was great too!

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    There was a series on the History Channel that had film and stories like this. I remember one was Andy Rooney telling about a mission he went on. Didn't go to the show last night but I guess it will be on YOU TUBE soon like the WWI show is.

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    So these will likely become a mobile in my workshop, if I can figure out a way to make contrails . . .

    Click image for larger version. 

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